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Kovalam Beach– Kerala

Kovalam Beach is among those beaches in Kerala that are popular among both the national and international travellers! Believe it or not, this stunning beach has been one of the most sought after leisure destinations since the late 40s, and hosts visitors from all over the world!

Located in the beach town of Kovalam in Trivandrum, the discovery of this beach was made by the then acting Maharani of Travancore, Maharani Sehtu Lakshmi Bayi. Post this, the beach shot into fame as her nephew Maharaja of Travancore; G.V Raja started hosting his European guests to Kovalam Beach. Soon, its tranquil ambience, bountiful beauty, and the alluring charm started attracting the hippies, who thronged this gorgeous beach from all the corners of the globe.

The beach has a striking shoreline that spreads its magic around 17km and includes the Light House Beach, Hawah Beach, and Crescent Beach. Owing to the rocky outgrowths, gentle waves, and serene beauty, Kovalam Beach has become one of the most popular and must-visit beaches in Kerala!

How to Reach KovalamBeach:

1By Road:

Kovalam Beach is well-connected with the main city. Visitors can board regular buses plying from within the city and several other parts of the Kerala to reach Kovalam Beach. Luxury buses and private taxis are also available from major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, and Nagercoil to reach Kovalam Beach.

2By Train:

Trivandrum Central Railway Station serves as the nearest railway station to reach Kovalam Beach! It is located around 15km and has a good network of trains to major cities in the country; local taxis and cabs are available from the railway station.

3By Air:

Kovalam does have its own airport; Trivandrum International Airport within a distance of around 20km, serves as the nearest airport to reach Kovalam Beach. Almost all the primary airlines have direct flights to this airport; it also has international flights from Colombo and Singapore.

Best Time to Visit KovalamBeach:

November to February or the winter season is the best time to visit Kovalam Beach. During this period, temperature remains cool and favours a number of beach activities. Summer and monsoon might not be ideal to visit this beach. As temperature get hotter during the summers, and monsoon brings in heavy showers around the beach, these two seasons should be avoided!



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