An exotic destination where the endless waves of the Arabian Sea tickles the golden sand of Malabar Coast, where the lush coconut grooves pamper the emerald lakes and canals, and the silent backwaters cuddle the Mother Nature, Kerala truly deserves to be called as the ‘God’s Own Country’! Adding more to this, there is the pleasant climate that makes Kerala one of the must visit destinations in India’s tourism map.

Kerala’s agreeable climate makes it a year-round tourist destination. However, a visit to this scenic state during different seasons makes it a unique experience; every season has its own charm and cannot be outlooked by the other! Depending on your yearnings, you can select any of the seasons and plan a quintessential visit to the ‘Backwater Capital of India’. In case, you are wondering about which one will be the best season or the best time to visit Kerala, let’s embark on a sojourn through the many-coloured alleys and find out the best time to visit Kerala!

1Summer (March to May):

Unlike most of the tourist destinations in the country, summer in Kerala has a distinctive charm and appeal! Edged with water bodies in and around, this piece of paradise offers a cool and calm climate even during the period when the rest of the country starts fuming up!

Summers in Kerala usually starts in the early part of March and continues till the end of May. During this period, the temperature rises along with increasing the atmospheric humidity. Some parts of God’s Own Country even receive adequate amount of rainfall during this period. However, you should not expect showering throughout the state.

Though the temperature keeps rising, you would not feel the wrath of the sun in Kerala as it is mostly fringed with water bodies; especially the Arabian Sea. Also, due to the light showers and atmospheric humidity, you can always expect a clearatmosphere and embark on sightseeing tours, beach activities or hill station visits during the summers in Kerala.

  • Places to Visit during Summer:

Munnar: A quaint and tiny hill town in the lap of the Western Ghats, Wayanad can be a perfect place to unwind and relax while escaping the scorching heat of the Kerala summers. Perched at an astounding height of 1,600m above the sea level, this stunning hill station is also a home to diverse range of flora and fauna.

Vagamon: Tucked away between Idukki and Kottayam districts of Kerala, Vagamon is an enchanting summer destination where you can spend quiet moments while enjoying the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. Famed as one of the most enthralling destinations for paragliding in the entire country, the peace and tranquillity that exists in Vagamon can hardly be found in any other hill stations in Kerala.

Wayanad: A magical tourist destination and an equally scenic hill station, Wayanad is a true gift of the Deccan Plateau! Adorned by the breath-taking Western Ghats, this hilly retreat at an elevation of 700-2,100m is also a home to many natural marvels. To name a few, there are the Chembra Peak, Soochippara Falls and MuthangaWildlfie Sanctuary.

Beaches: The beaches in Kerala never fails to amaze the visitors with their surreal charm and splendid beauty! And when it is summer in the Spice Capital of India, you should always head towards any of them, and find yourself amazing ways to enjoy the summer heat. Kovalam Beach, Marari, Bekal, Alappuzha, Varkala, and Kozhikode are some of the most scenic options you can always try for!

2Winter (September to March):

Do you believe in fairy tales? If not, just pack your bags and plan a trip to Kerala between the months of September and March! In fact, this is the time when India’s Backwater Capital witnesses the highest flow of visitors from across the globe. This is the time when the state gets festooned with a misty outlook while the atmosphere gets caressed with dewy fogs and a crispiness!

As the atmosphere remain cool and get caressed with fogs, it creates a magical outlook throughout the state. The arrival of winter also entices the tourists to embark on an array of things to do, explore Kerala’s hidden places, go for excursions, and plenitude of other tourist activities. Amidst all these fun-filled and exciting things to do, backwater cruise and houseboat stays are famed as the most popular ones.

As the state receives an extended winter, you can always experience a crispiness in the atmosphere. Beside this, you may also encounter lack of visibility at certain places, but, the allurement in the ambience will make you forget this for sure!

  • Places to Visit during Winter:

Alleppey: If you are planning for a winter trip to Kerala, Alleppey must be the first name in your mind! Fondly called the ‘Venice of the East’, this picturesque city is among the most popular backwater destination in the ‘Spice Capital of India’. Visit Alleppey, check-in into a houseboat, relax, laze around, and have a tryst with the turquoise backwaters.

Anamudi: As winter marks its arrival, almost the entire of Kerala turns into a hub for adventure and thrill seekers from across the country. If you are also craving for some adrenaline rush during the winters, you must visit Anamudi or the highest point in South India. A much sought-after trekking destination, the entire vicinity gets adorned with exotic range of flora and fauna during the winter and creates a magical outlook Anamudi.

Fort Kochi:A tourist destination with a contrasting outlook and appearance, Fort Kochi can be the next best destination to visit during the winter. The first ‘European Township’ in the country, this region is also dotted with numerous tourist attractions and historical landmarks; Chinese fishing nets, Fort Kochi Beach, Indo Portuguese Museum, and Santa Cruz Basilica are some of the them.

Kumarakom: This is the place where the emerald waterways, azure canals, turquoise lakes, and silent backwaters meets and greets each other in the most enchanting ways! Yes, visit Kumarakom once, and you would always yearn to visit this promising Kerala backwater destination again and forever!

3Monsson (June to August):

If you want to experience the most striking facets of Kerala, you must plan your holidays during the monsoon; from June to August! This is the time when the entire of India’s Backwater Capital receives heavy showers and get decorated with a kaleidoscopic range of colours!

With the tenderly touches of the monsoon rains, the whole of God’s Own Country starts wearing the freshest of nature’s colours and creates a magical spell on the visitors. Though the temperature falls considerably, you can always expect regular thunderstorms accompanied by hilly-winds.

No matter which part of Kerala you prefer or visit, you would always witness the region getting canopied with lush green vegetation. And if you are nature lover, a monsoon trip to Kerala can be that one experience in your life!

  • Places to Visit during Monsoon:

Thekkady: One of the finest monsoon destinations in Kerala, Thekkady is a gem of a place for the nature and wildlife lovers alike! Home to the Periyar National Park, this is where you can indulge in adrenaline pumping activities like bamboo rafting, night patrolling in the wild, boating, wildlife spotting, and lot more. In addition to this, nature walk, photography, plantation walks, and homestay experiences can also keep you enchanted while in Thekkady.

Bekal: A historic region adorned by the charismatic coastlines, Bekal’s quaint beauty and charm will surely make you fall for it. Dotted with several tourist attractions and historical landmarks, it is also one of the untouched and pristine tourist places in Kerala. While visiting this place, don’t miss out taking a walk along the Bekal Fort walkway!

Ashtamudi:The melodious notes of monsoon rain, the new sprouts, the tenderly atmosphere, a rejuvenating Ayurvedic session, and a perfect backdrop; sounds like a dream, right? Well, if you visit Ashtamudi during the monsoon, this is the kind of experience you would be jotting down in your travel diaries!