Munnar is without a doubt the most visited visitor goal in Kerala. What’s more, Thekkady isn’t a long way behind. A decent number of guests to Munnar visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady. The whole course is of high landscapes with mountains, slopes, tea manors and cardamom homes.

1Distance from Munnar to Thekkady

The separation among Munnar and Thekkady is around 85 to 90 km, contingent upon the course you pick. Try not to hope to drive at 80 km for each hour and reach there in 60 minutes. The streets are exceptionally limited and broken in certain spots particularly amid rainstorm. There will be a great deal of trucks, transports and autos coming the other way and in numerous spots, you may think that it’s hard to give path for different vehicles.

The normal speed you can keep up is 25 km for every hour except if you are an accomplished driver in bumpy locales. Notwithstanding for an accomplished cabbie, the normal time to from Munnar to Thekkady is around 3 hours. The streets are restricted in numerous spots thus, regardless of whether you drive quickly, you will be unable to overwhelm another vehicle before you!

In the event that you are driving yourself, drive moderate and cautiously. Give route for transports sounding behind you just when it is sheltered to do as such. Be additional cautious amid downpour and when there is mist. On the off chance that the deceivability is poor because of haze, stop the vehicle in a sheltered spot and hold up until the view is clear.

2Picturesque Route

Most excellent and tourist detour: The most picturesque and lovely course is Munnar – Devikulam – Pooppara – Udumbanchola – Thekkady. This course is around 100 km however the astonishing picturesque excellence along the course merits the additional drive. Discover the headings in Google map.

3The fastest route to land in Thekkady

The quickest course is, Munnar – Chithirapuram – Anachal – Rajakkad – Karithode – Nedumkandam – Thekkady. See the headings in Google Map.

4The best to explore awaits!

In the Munnar locale, you will see a ton of excellent slopes, tea manors, tea production lines, cardamom homes and so on with some little cascades all over. As you move far from Munnar, seeing tea domains will give path for wildernesses, timberlands and zest trails. You will see numerous retreats along the course and furthermore numerous homestays in the communities in transit. The greater part of the course are woods streets and you can appreciate the picturesque magnificence to its best. You will see streams and little cascades at times. Remember to stop at the view focuses and take a ton of pictures to convey the recollections with you.