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Backpacker Guide to Kerala

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Kerala is as far south as you can get in India so it's not the most effortless spot to get to. Numerous hikers head here in the wake of investing energy in Goa, however even that takes about five hours via air and about 14 hours by road. In case you're flying in from [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Vagamon

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The misty, mystical hills of Vagamon would be one place you wouldn’t want to/ can’t bid adieu to. Situated at a height of 1,100 meters from the sea level, Vagamon, also spelt as Wagamon, lies in the border between Kottayam and Idukki. Britishers once used the place to establish tea plantations and till date, [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Kumarakom

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Kumarakom, situated in the backdrop of Vembanad Lake and located about 16 kms from Kottayam is a place rich in flora and fauna, making it a gorgeous place to unwind, away from the hustle bustle of city life and the hectic schedules that comes with it. The mangrove forests, paddy fields and coconut groves [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Wayanad

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The superb area of Wayanad is a standout amongst the most excellent parts of Kerala. Wayanad incorporates remote woods scenes, rich mountains, cloudy knolls and espresso estates. From honeymooners to trekkers and picture takers, this place has something in store for everyone. 1Best Time To Visit Wayanad in summers(March-May): The late spring season starts [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Kochi

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Kochi, also known as Cochin and touted as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ presents a very different face of Kerala. This port city is a mesmerizing blend of the old and new. It has carried the influence of Portuguese, Dutch and British through the years, to create a unique ambience that has now become [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Alleppey

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The scenes that play in your mind at the mention of Kerala is undeniably that of the scenic backwaters with the houseboats in it, coconut groves and boat races – thanks to the many movies, songs or books that have featured the state. The small town of Alleppey, more popularly called Alappuzha, is all [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Trivandrum

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The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, popularly known by its colonial name Trivandrum, is a quiet, green, clean city with much to offer. Apart from several serene religious places, there are also beautiful beaches, hills, places of historical relevance, museums and a zoo. Basically, Trivandrum has something to offer no matter what your interests [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Kovalam

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If breathtaking sunrises to start and serene sunsets to wrap the day with a leisurely time in between is what you are looking for, Kovalam, a quiet coastal town in Kerala’s capital city Trivandrum, is your perfect getaway. The crescent shaped beaches with coconut groves along them are sure to win your heart the [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Thekkady

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A traveller’s paradise, a treasure trove for nature lovers, a romantic escapade for honeymooners, an ultimate leisure destination for fun seekers, and a wonderful adventurous destination in Kerala, Thekkady is all about the pristine beauty of nature. Adorned by the enchanting Western Ghats, embraced by the charm of the spice plantations and caressed by [...]

Detailed Tour Guide to Munnar

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Munnar; a jewel in the mighty Western Ghats, a heaven in God’s Own Country, a true treasure trove for the visitors, is one of the most stunning and enchanting hill stations in the country. Adorned by the beauty of the rolling hills, evergreen tea plantations, luscious spice gardens, winding trails, and much more, Munnar [...]