Detailed Tour Guide To Vagamon


The misty, mystical hills of Vagamon would be one place you wouldn’t want to/ can’t bid adieu to. Situated at a height of 1,100 meters from the sea level, Vagamon, also spelt as Wagamon, lies in the border between Kottayam and Idukki. Britishers once used the place to establish tea plantations and till date, Vagamon has managed to remain safe and sound, away from the clutches of commercialization. However, it is getting popular by the day, with National Geographic Traveler featuring the place in its “50 most attractive places to visit in India”. The abode of everything green is home a great many kind of flowers, especially orchids and is wrapped in meadows, pine forests, waterfalls and more, giving the nature lovers ample opportunities to explore it to their hearts’ content.

Three famous hills in Vagamon – Thangal Para that has the resting place of a venerated Sufi saint, Muruganmala dedicated to Lord Muruga (who is the son of Lord Shiva) and Kurisumala, a very popular Christiam place of pilgrimage, is said to be the representation of the three main religions people in Kerala follow.

1Ideal Time

  • Summer (March to May):

When it is summer and scorching hot elsewhere, Vagamon would still be in its chilled self and hence, serve to be a perfect escapade to beat the heat. Apparently, the highest the temperature shoots up even on a summer day is somewhere around 23 degree Celsius.

  • Monsoon (June to August):

Although incessant rains can make activities like paragliding and trekking and sometimes the travel a little difficult, the beauty of the hills bathed in rain, is a sight for the sore eyes. The green only gets greener.

  • Winter (December to February):

Winters are the best time to visit Vagamon as the mist that envelops the place gives it a surreal look and feel that you wouldn’t want to miss out at any cost. However, the temperature can really drop down and those sensitive to cold better take precautions.

2How to Reach

  • By Road:

By road is the easiest and most convenient way to reach Vagamon. It is located around 100 kms from Kochi and if you don’t have private vehicle you can simply hire a cab and have a beautiful road journey.

  • By Train:

The closest railway station to Vagamon is Kottayam Railway Station, located at a distance of 64 kms. The railway station is well connected to different parts of the country. From the station, you have to travel by road to reach the hills.

  • By Air:

The nearest airport to Vagamon is the Cochin International Airport. From the airport, you have to travel a distance of close to 120 kms by road to reach Vagamon. It is best to hire a cab for this purpose.

3Places to Visit

  • Vagamon Pine Forest :

Towering over the valleys and meadows is the Vagamon Pine Forest, whose beauty has turned it into a popular and favorite location for filmmakers. The pine forest is a manmade one, created by the Britishers, who discovered the then quiet, secluded place. The forest is wrapped in tranquility and gifts you a peaceful time to unwind.

  • Vagamon Lake:

Vagamon Lake is a tranquil water body, surrounded by quaint villages tucked in the fold of greenery in Vagamon. The lake is not a huge one per say, yet attracts a lot of activities like boating and hence, is a favorite spot with the tourists.

  • Marmala Waterfall:

The captivating waterfall is shrouded by thick greenery, with the chirpings of birds and sometimes distant but mostly distinct noises of the wildlife setting the background score. Although apparently it falls into an estate owned by a private party, the waterfall is attracting more and more tourists by the day.

  • Thangal Para:

It is one unique place, where a giant rock rests at the edge of the resting place of a well-regarded Sufi saint. The place of pilgrimage also offers a terrific view of the valley and hence became all the more popular.

  • Mundakayam Ghat:

This is yet another place whose beauty cannot be put to words, only experienced. As alluring as it looks, it is also a little difficult to venture into. The place is famous for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets. A mix of mist and green hills and grey sky and white waterfall, Mundakayam Ghat feels like a place in heaven.

  • Kurisumala:

Kurisumala is the place where spirituality touches the heights of beauty. Established by Christian missionaries back in the day, the place serves as the abode of service and attracts believers every year for pilgrimage. The place also has a diary farm, run by the monks. A visit to the place will draw out to you the rustic charm of rural life.

  • Barren Hills:

Barren Hills is one place in Vagamon hat has different sceneries in store for you according to the changing seasons. Bathed in thick greenery during monsoon and winters, it can turn bald during summers.

  • Idukki Dam:

A two hour travel from Vagamon will take you to Idukki Dam, world famous for its double curvature arch construct. It is one of the highest arch dams in the whole of Asia. The view from Idukki Dam, which is built across Periyar River, too is breathtaking. The dam is nestled between two granite hills called Kuravan and Kurathi.

4Things to Do

  • Paragliding:

The moment you set your foot in Vagamon, or climb a hilltop, you’re sure to get the urge to soar down the valley like a bird and bask in the beauty of nature’s bounty. You can fulfill this wish by taking part in paragliding, which is a very popular activity in Vagamon.

  • Trekking & Mountaineering:

Given the place that’s all of hills and mountains and waterfalls, facilities for trekking and mountaineering doesn’t come across as a surprise. Bond with nature in the best way possible at this beautiful location.

  • Boating:

The Vagamon Lake provides you with the opportunity to row around, enjoying the silence and tranquility surrounding the place.