Alleppey – Kerala Travel Guide

If Kerala is the ‘Backwater Capital of India’, Alleppey should be called as the ‘Backwater Paradise in God’s Own Country’! Located around 62km from the stunning city of Cochin and around 155km from Trivandrum, Alleppey or ‘Alappuzha’ is among the most coveted tourist destinations in Kerala.Located on the banks of the turquoise Vembanad Lake, this tourist plays a host most of the houseboat cruises in Kerala.

Fondly called the ‘Venetian Capital of Kerala’ or the ‘Venice of the East’, this picturesque city is known for its enchanting backwaters, scenic beauty, azure lagoons, evergreen coconut groves, intricate network of canals, and other natural bounties. Whether you are a nature lover, searching for romantic destinations, planning for a family or a solo trip, Alleppey in Kerala can be your next destination!

How to Reach Alleppey:

1By Road:

KSRTC has regular buses to Alleppey from almost all the major cities in God’s Own Country; visitors can easily avail luxury, premium or regular buses to reach Alleppey. Regular buses are also available from nearby cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, and Coimbatore.

2By Train:

Alleppey has its own railway station, and is well-connected with cities like Trivandrum, Cochin, and other major cities. The station also offers passage to several other passenger mails plying from cities outside the state.

3By Air:

Cochin International Airport is less than 100km away from Alleppey, and is well-connected with major Indian cities through regular flights. Visitors from within the country and several international destinations can book a flight to this airport, and hire private taxis or cans to reach Alleppey.

Best Time to Visit Alleppey:

1Winter (December to February):

If you are planning for a Kerala trip and visit the magical lands of Alleppey, you must book your tour during the winters. During this period of the year, temperature remains pleasant and offers amazing options to the visitors.

2Summer (March to May):

Though not the best time to visit Alleppey, summer can be an ideal season for those who want to explore the magical beauty of this backwater destination while avoiding the usual crowd. As temperature starts rising, tourism starts ceasing down, and visitors can enjoy great discounts and seasonal offers in Alleppey.

3Monsoon (June to September):

Alleppey looks stunning during the monsoons! However, this is not the season for backwater tourism, but one can sit back and laze around the locales while revelling in the miraculous rain-washed beauty of Alleppey.

Places to Visit in Alleppey:

1Alleppey Beach

Beach goers on a Kerala trip will surely fall in love with this stunning beach in Alappuzha! Quiet, calm, serene, and pleasant, Alleppey Beach is known for its favourable ambience, tepic sands, and a myriad list of beach activities. If luck favours, visitors can also enjoy dolphin sighting while in Alleppey Beach.

2Krishnapuram Palace:

An 18th century palace, Krishnapuram Palace was built during the reign of MarthandaVarma, and is a major landmark in Alleppey. Built in typical Kerala architecture, this 2-storeyed palace is also the abode of the largest mural paintings in God’s Own Country; the painting is known as ‘GajendraMoksham’ and measures around 14x11ft.

3Marari Beach:

Fringed with lush coconut groves, Marari Beach is around 11km from the heart of Alleppey, and is revered as one of the most appealing and tranquil beaches in Kerala. While on a visit to this remarkable beach, visitors can enjoy and rejuvenate themselves with Ayurvedic massages and therapies.

4Vembanad Lake:

While booking a Kerala tour package to Alleppey, visitors don’t have to ask for a visit to the Vembanad Lake; it is one such tourist spots in Kerala that is included in all the tour packages! Touted as the longest lake in India and the largest lake in God’s Own Country, it is the paradise for the houseboat cruisers.


Also called the ‘Rice Bowl of India’, Kuttanad boasts of its scenic countryside and shimmering beauty. Located within the heart of Kerala backwaters, the evergreen outlook and enchanting charm of this village offers an amazing experience to its visitors.

Things to do in Alleppey:

1Houseboat Cruises:

This should be the first thing to do in Alleppey! Famed as the ‘Backwater Capital’ of Kerala, this Alappuzha is the home to these amazing boats that take the visitors for a fun-filled and exciting cruise over the silent backwaters and introduce them with the enchanting beauty of God’s Own Country.

2Beach Tours:

Alleppey has all the reasons to be called as a stunning beach destination in the country. Visitors on their Kerala trip can revel in the imposing beauty and tranquillity that exists around the Alleppey and Marari beaches and make their holidays a fun-frolic affair.

3Ayurvedic Therapies:

Kerala itself is a synonym to Ayurveda! And while visiting Alleppey, visitors must experience the essence and aura of Ayurveda with some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage therapies and treatments.

4Village Tours:

While enjoying a heart-warming stay in the houseboats, visitors in Alleppey can also embark on exciting village tours. Connected through an intricate network of canals, some of the villages are only accessible by boats or are hidden from the rest of the world.

5Enjoy Snake Boat Race:

If you happen to visit Alleppey during the month August (or harvesting season in Kerala), you can witness the much coveted Snake Boat Race. Alleppey also serves as an important access point to the enthusiastic ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race’ in Kerala.

Hotels in Alleppey:

Alleppey has some of the finest backwater resorts, houseboats, and luxury hotels in Kerala. Whether travelling with family members, friends, colleagues, or solo, visitors can check-in into any of the hotels or resorts in Alleppey.



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