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Things to do in Kerala

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With its opulent wildlife, aromatic spices, untouched beaches, lip-smacking flavoursome food and other exciting things to do in Kerala, this state is much more than just an astonishing experience. It can help you detox from your stressful life routine as it paints a great story of naturalistic wonders and cultural outburst. This place is [...]

Things To Do In Vagamon

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Vagamon is a hill station situated in Kottayam-Idukki outskirt of Kerala. It has a cool atmosphere with the temperature between 10-23°C amid a late spring late morning. It is arranged 1,100 meters above ocean level. The slope station has a chain of 3 lovely slopes called Thangal, Murugan and Kurismala that give a captivating [...]

Things To Do In Trivandrum

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Through the greens and royalty of Trivandrum, come find your missing ‘piece’. Kerala's capital, Trivandrum, bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west is a perfect goal enriched with long sandy shorelines, lush good countries, beautiful shorelines and different sights of rich social criticalness. These incorporate a bunch of Victorian exhibition halls of [...]

Things To Do In Alleppey

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Through the lush green plantations, floating with the pristine backwaters. Flooded with pristine backwaters and beautiful shorelines, Alleppey is the ‘go-to’ destination in Kerala. When in Kerala, a visit to this haven is must. The amazing backwaters of Alleppey can hypnotize you with its wonderful magnificence. Here in Alleppey, the blue waters converge [...]

Things To Do In Kovalam

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Sail through the high tides at these beach destination, Kovalam. In what was a lethargic little town by the Arabian Sea, Kovalam has transformed into a shoreline town humming with movement. Consistent with its name, Kovalam (which means a forest of coconut trees) has columns and lines of coconut trees influencing in the [...]

Things To Do In Kumarakom

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Come, experience the laid back life at Kumarakom Kumarakom is a residential community situated on the backwater tidal ponds in the southern province of Kerala, India. It is acclaimed for it is regular excellence. And vicinity to a ton of other excellent places in Kerala. Kumarakom – a hypnotizing backwater goal – offers [...]

Things To Do In Wayanad

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Through the tea estates and peaks, you’ll find peace. Visit Wayanad today! Dim streets lead to the tremendous lavish greenery of the Western Ghats. Also, the views that this little hill station offers is beyond words in Wayanad. Cascades are really the exhibition of the crude character of nature here. Furthermore, trekking and [...]

Things To Do In Kochi

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Simply stroll through the streets or dive deep down in the sea, the rundown of activities and things to do in Kochi are many. Choose one that suits you best. Kochi has perpetually been on each explorer's list of things to see and conveyed individuals from faraway terrains to its shores. Imperialism is [...]

Things To Do In Kerala In December

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Come celebrate the end of yet another year in Kerala! There are various spots to visit in Kerala in December. The seaside state is ideal for unwinding, and to experience new encounters in this specific month. The warm, lovely climate add to the beauty of the best places to visit in Kerala, you [...]

Things To Do In Kerala In November

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Across the lush green plantations and pristine shorelines in Kerala! The mystical place known as Kerala is loaded up with tropical shorelines, shining backwaters, coconuts, rich social customs, and elephants. The warm tropical atmosphere of 'God's Own Country' is ideal for an occasion in November. The Kerala temperature in November more often than [...]