Things To Do In Vagamon


Vagamon is a hill station situated in Kottayam-Idukki outskirt of Kerala. It has a cool atmosphere with the temperature between 10-23°C amid a late spring late morning. It is arranged 1,100 meters above ocean level. The slope station has a chain of 3 lovely slopes called Thangal, Murugan and Kurismala that give a captivating feel to this excellent hill station.

Visit Vagamon hill station to encounter unceasing happiness and tranquility of mind. Vagamon offers you an extraordinary and distinctive environ in contrast with other destinations of Kerala. In addition, being copious in characteristic excellence, the place additionally offers space for profound exercises. The quiet surroundings with cool and delicate breeze blowing over the valley makes it an ideal place for reflection.

Read on to know some of the best things to do in Vagamon


The moment you set your foot in Vagamon, or climb a hilltop, you’re sure to get the urge to soar down the valley like a bird and bask in the beauty of nature’s bounty. You can fulfill this wish by taking part in paragliding, which is a very popular activity in Vagamon.

A recreational experience sport, paragliding takes you nearest to flying without wings. In the delightful hill station of Vagamon, Kerala you’ve a chance to take off and arrive into the inviting arms of nature. Nature here is characterized as shimmering rivulets, cascades and thick pine backwoods. For this action, rides are accessible from 11am to 4:30pm. Enjoy the delight of flying on this pair paragliding knowledge of around 20 minutes. Joined by trained teachers moving you through this goal, feel fresh mountain air stroke delicately. Over half hour, appreciate the visit and get an elevated perspective of pleasant Vagamon.


2Trekking & Mountaineering

Given the place that’s all of hills and mountains and waterfalls, facilities for trekking and mountaineering doesn’t come across as a surprise. Bond with nature in the best way possible at this beautiful location.

Your life most likely needs some freshness and all you require is to escape into the wilderness trails! Trek along the stream as it moves through the lavish green prairies of Vagamon close Kottayam. This would be an ideal escape for the individuals who are hoping to discover euphoria in the midst of nature. Experience the excitement of strolling somewhere inside the Western Ghat woods where the mists would go with you till the end.


The Vagamon Lake provides you with the opportunity to row around, enjoying the silence and tranquility surrounding the place. The lake is the ideal partner for its quiet and residential community. In spite of the fact that not a major one as in Munnar or Kodaikanal, this lake is a perfect place to shed a few calories and not feel depleted by any means. Both Pedal Boats and paddling water crafts are accessible at extremely minimal ticket rates.

4Spiritual journey

The spiritual journey of Vagamon is encompassed by a series of slopes named Kurisumala, Thangal and Murugan slopes. These slopes are unique as they are devoted to all beliefs – Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Vagamon offers exercises partnered to spiritualism. Meditating calmly in the midst of the merry tranquility and nature throws a glorious spell on the tourists. You can recite the name of God while climbing the Kurisumala Hill to visit the Kurisumala Ashram. In this manner Vagamon is a site of incredible religious and otherworldly exercises.

5A stroll across the lush green tea plantations

Vagamon is fundamentally known for its tea estates, which were first planted by the British, who discovered Vagamon’s topography perfect for it. You can stroll through the lines of lovely manors and moving green fields, taking in the quiet and beautiful climate. Long dark colored ways twist through the greens, adding to the dazzling view. The knolls of Vagamon with the lake in the middle of are likewise an ethereal sight. Numerous motion pictures, particularly South Indian movies, and tune recordings have been shot in the knoll.

6Unwind at Mooppanpara

Mooppanpara is another prominent visiting spot among the local people and guests for its high all-encompassing perspectives of the slopes. It is otherwise called suicide point. You can likewise stroll among the valley of grandiose and fragrant pine trees. Vagamon is known for its wonderful orchids and cascades also.

An unblemished hill station with virgin greatness, Vagamon lies in the Idduki District of Kerala with specific territories going under the Kottayam District also.