The Best Holiday Resorts in Kerala

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A home away from home, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the best places to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your body and soul! Enchanted by awe-inspiring Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, ornamented by aromatic spice gardens and lush coconut groves, and bejewelled by the enchanting backwaters, this gorgeous state serves as a heart-warming host to [...]

Most Wonderful Beach Resorts in Kerala

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Kerala, a magical tourist destination where the soothing morning breezes awakes you, the pristine nature keeps you enchanted throughout the day, and the shimmering moonlight calls for a blissful slumber! Located in the southern corner of India, this is the land where Mother Nature can still be found in her raw form. With so [...]

10 Best Backwater Resorts in Kerala

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A magical land on the shorelines of Malabar Coast, Kerala or God’s Own Country is a true heaven for the backwater lovers! Whether you are planning for a leisure holiday, honeymoon, adventure trip or historical quest, this scenic gift of the Arabian Sea will always hold you captive with its enchanting beauty. Adding more [...]

Best Family Resorts in Kerala

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Whether it’s the earliest hours of morning or the darkest period of night, you will always find your family beside you. Regardless of whether you are up or down, you will find your family beside you. And that’s the reason, every moment spent with family becomes adorable, every emotion shared with family become our [...]