Backpacker Guide to Kerala


Kerala is as far south as you can get in India so it’s not the most effortless spot to get to. Numerous hikers head here in the wake of investing energy in Goa, however even that takes about five hours via air and about 14 hours by road. In case you’re flying in from somewhere else you’ll need to take a corresponding flight from a noteworthy Indian centre point, for example, Mumbai, to one of Kerala’s global air terminals.

Depending on how you get into Kerala you’re probably going to end up in one of three urban communities on entry – Kozhikode (Calicut), Kochi (Cochin), or Thiruvanthapuram (Trivandrum). You can then explore the other havens in Kerala by taking a transport from these renowned destinations.

1All about stay in Kerala


The Happy Camper in Fort Cochin is the meaning of shoddy and bright. It even guarantees ‘glad beds’ and, as they’re evidently milder than a normal Indian bed, they’ll be invited by the weariest of explorers. With standard private en-suite spaces for two beginning at only 500 INR a night, it reliably offers clean offices and astute contacts, including bedside plug attachments and lockers. The costs of hotels depend on what you choose. From budget-friendly hotels to lavish 5-stars, the options are umpteen!

2Food in Kerala

Keralan cooking is characterized by its area; its 370-mile long coast implies fish and shellfish of each depiction discover their way into the neighbourhood sustenance.

In any case, Keralans additionally obtain from the networks who’ve settled in the area and you’ll see gestures to Syrian, Portuguese, and Hindu food in local specialities. Kerala gets its name from the Malayalam word for coconut tree, ‘kera’, so anticipate that coconut should include intensely on all the menus. I think it gives Keralan sustenance an unmistakably Thai bend, making it taste lighter and fresher than nourishment eaten somewhere else in India.

For an absolutely legitimate yet spending plan amicable experience, eat on a customary Keralan houseboat; you may need to waste in and help out with the cooking at the same time and that’s what makes it all the more interesting! Do get your hands on Tody, the famous alcoholic drink in Kerala.

3Spices of Kerala

Kerala is also popularly known as the ‘Spice Garden of India,’ it truly provides the assortment – extending from allspice and aniseed, cardamom and cinnamon, through cloves, nutmeg, to mace, pepper and tamarind, Kerala is India’s driving maker of flavors.

4Top 5 activities that you should partake in while in Kerala

  • Take an elephant safari of the Munnar tea ranches and experience a ‘stroll in the mists’ as the mountain fogs immediately drop upon you.
  • Pick a shoreline, any shoreline, and go through the day sunning yourself.
  • Make like a big name culinary expert and join a Keralan family for a houseboat dinner on the backwaters around the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey.
  • Go tiger spotting in Periyar National Park – the huge felines are famously slippery however there’s heaps of different creatures to see.
  • Watch the nightfall from well-known Alleppey Beach. It’s a standout amongst the most captured spots in Kerala.
5Wondering when is the best time to backpack to Kerala?

The primary vacationer season in Kerala keeps running from November – February when the climate is dry and cool by Indian measures yet at the same time ideal climate for swimming, sunbathing and getting a charge out of all Kerala brings to the table.

By March the mugginess rises and by April and May, Kerala, and a large portion of India, is unendurably hot. The storm downpours land in June and proceed until September/October.

So go ahead choose a weather that suits you best and backpack through God’s own Country.