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Marari Beach – Kerala

A wonderful destination to unwind and relax, Marari Beach outshines almost all the other beaches in Kerala! Located amidst a quaint fishing hamlet in the Alleppey district of God’s Own Country, this pictorial beach is known for its untouched beauty and heart-warming charm.

Lined with playful coconut groves, Marari Beach is located on the Alleppey-Cochin highway or the NH-47, and can be reached easily from either of the cities. Adorned by the magical beauty of the Arabian Sea, this sandy retreat boasts of its enchanting beauty and entices beach lovers from almost all the corners of the globe.

For all the beach lovers on a Kerala trip, they must visit this prismatic beach and enjoy its surreal beauty. While the never-ending splashes of the sea waves enliven the ambience, its tepid sands and scenic vista makes it for a must relaxed and equally fun-frolic experience.

How to Reach Marari Beach:

1By Road:

If you are travelling by road, you can take the NH-47 form Alleppey or Cochin in order to reach Marari Beach. Visitors can hire local auto rickshaws from either of the cities to visit their favourite beach in Kerala.

2By Train:

Alleppey or Alappuzha has the nearest railway station to reach Marari Beach. Arriving at the train station, visitors can hire local auto-rickshaws and reach the sandy retreat within a drive of half an hour.

3By Air:

Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Marari Beach by air! Following arrival at the airport, visitors can opt for local cabs or private taxis to visit this gorgeous beach in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Marari Beach:

December to March is the best time to visit Marari Beach. During this period, visitors can expect a semi-dry and tepid ambience around the beach. Since the temperature starts rising by the mind of December and gets accompanied by monsoon rains by the end of March, these four months serves as the ideal time to visit Marari Beach. Visiting the beach during winter and monsoon season can be quite disheartening as winters are pretty chilly and monsoon brings in heavy showers.



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