Kerala – ‘God’s Own Country’ or the ‘Spice Garden of India’; is undoubtedly one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the country! Bestowed with the alluring charm of the backwaters, the fascinating beauty of the rolling hills, the flavoursome aroma of indigenous spices, the never-ending network of canals, and gorgeous destinations, this prismatic holiday destination is a year-round destination.

Visiting this piece of paradise along the Malabar Coast offers a mixed of experiences to the visitors seasons throughout the year. Being located in the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea, God’s Own Country enjoys a wet and maritime tropical climate that makes it for a pleasant and lively experience of the visitors. Depending on your cravings, you can plan a Kerala tour during different seasons of the year! For all those who are yearning for a Kerala trip, here is a seasonal breakdown of Kerala’s climate:

Winter in Kerala – September to March:

The heart-warming beauty and charm of Kerala gets enchanted with the arrival of the winters! Starting from September, winters in Kerala lasts till the mid of March. During this season, the state witnesses the highest influx of tourists from almost all the corners of the globe.

Owing to the downfall in the mercury level, winters in Kerala proves to be the ideal season to embark on sightseeing tours, visit the hill stations, enjoy the beaches, and have a tryst with the silent backwaters! Also, as the climate remains quiet, pleasant, and clear, visitors can enjoy the enchanting beauty of Kerala at its best during the winters. If you are yearning for some of the most memorable, leisure, and fun-frolic moments, winter is the best time to plan a Kerala trip!

Summer in Kerala – March to May:

Compared to the winters, summers in Kerala are short lived! As the season arrives by the mid of March, temperature in the state starts rising and continues till the end of May. During this period, God’s Own Country also receives trivial rainfall that makes the ambience hot and equally humid for the outsiders.

Though summer is not the befitting season for Kerala tourism, it has its own charm and appeal! Visitors planning a Kerala trip during the summers can enjoy the cool and pleasant breezes from the Arabian Sea while basking around the many stunning beaches in Kerala. Summer in Kerala is also proves to be an ideal time to escape the city humdrums and enjoy the celestial beauty of the Kerala hill stations.

Monsoon in Kerala – June to August:

If you want to witness and experience why Kerala is fondly called the ‘God’s Own Country’, you must plan your Kerala trip during the monsoons. It is in this season of the year; from June to the month of August, the entire of the state receives the maximum rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms, and turns into a livelier abode! With the advent of the monsoon rains, the entire of Kerala starts wearing a natural green shade and looks nothing short of a fantasy land!

For the nature lovers, adventure freaks, leisure seekers, occasional vacationers, and other classes of tourists, monsoons are the best time to plan a Kerala trip. No matter which part of the state you visit during this season, you will always get to witness and enjoy the bountiful beauty of God’s Own Country between the months of June to August!



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