Bekal – Kerala Travel Guide

Bekal is one of the most beautiful towns along the shorelines of the mighty Arabian Sea in God’s Own Country. A tiny, yet an irresistible tourist destination in Kerala, this town is a mix of glorious history, untouched beauty of Mother Nature and leisure.

Located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, it is a promising destination for visitors from almost all the walks of life. While beach goers find this place as an impeccable leisure destination, it serves as a bucolic spot for the history enthusiasts. On the other hand, while shutterbugs find Bekal as a bewitching destination to click around, for the nature lover, it is more of a treasure trove!

How to Reach Bekal:

1By Road:

Bekal does not have much of direct roadway network with other popular destinations. Kasaragod, which is around 12km from this historic town, has the nearest bus stand to reach Bekal by road. From this bus stand, visitors can hire local taxis, autos, or other options to reach their favourite destination.

2By Train:

Train journeys are the best way to reach Bekal by train as the town has a well-sorted railway network. While Bekal Fort Railway Station is located within the limits of the town, the Kottikulam Railway Station at a distance of 4km, and Kasaragod Railway Station at a distance of 13km, are the other two nearest railway stations to reach Bekal by train.

3By Air:

For the visitors who yearn to reach Bekal by air, they can fly to Mangalore Airport, which is almost 65km from this historic town. Mangalore Airport is well-connected with the rest of country via direct and connecting flights. Upon arrival at the airport, visitors can hire local taxis or take the regular buses to reach Bekal by road. However, if one plans to reach Bekal by air from within Kerala, they can go for Calicut International Airport which is around 200km from the main town.

Best Time to Visit Bekal:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: October to February is considered as the best time to visit Guruvayur. During this period the region experiences a lower moderate temperature and proves to be an ideal time for various tourist activities.

Winter (December – February) – Best Time: Winter in Bekal starts from December and continues till late March. Within this period, the atmosphere becomes cool and a bit of dryness in the climate. As temperature remains low, visitors would find this season as the best time to visit Bekal and unravel its magical beauty.

Summer (March – June) – Best Time: Summer in Bekal is completely different from the rest of Kerala! Embraced by the prismatic shorelines of Arabian Sea, visitors always get pampered by the cool sea breezes while in this gorgeous town. Even though temperature could get a bit high, the atmosphere remains pleasant and offers livelier options to go for sightseeing and other such tourist activities.

Monsoon (June – September) – Good Time: This town receives quite heavy rain showers between the months of June to September. However, since Bekal is more of a plain and monsoon repaints the entire town with an enchanting shade of green colour, visitors could find this period as a wonderful time to visit Bekal and relish its magical charm!

Places to Visit around Bekal:

Bekal Fort: A magnificent for that is also a synonym to Bekal, this glorious fortress is a testimony to this town’s golden past. Standing strong along the coastline of Arabian Sea, this polygonal shaped fort is also among the most well-preserved forts in the country.

  • Bekal Fort Timings: 08:00 AM – 05:30 PM (Closed on Sundays)
  • Bekal Fort Entry Fees: INR 5 (For Indian and SAARC Country Nationals), INR 100 (For Foreign Nationals)
  • Bekal Beach:

A divine gift of the Arabian Sea, Bekal Beach is one such place that can make anyone fall its surreal beauty and charm. A perfect place to unwind and surrender yourself into the hands of nature, Bekal Beach is among the least explored beaches in the entire country. Visit this beach during early morning or by evening; you will surely be held captive with the enchanting views of sunrise and sunset.

Kodi Cliffs: Tucked away between the scenic Kappil Beach and the historic Chandragiri Fort, Kodi Cliffs is an impeccable point to catch the panoramic views of Bekal. A popular hangout among the visitors to Bekal, this cliff also serves as wonderful vantage point to enjoy sunrise and sunset views.

Pallikere Beach: Another pictorial marvel within a km range from Bekal Fort, this palm fringed beachside is secluded from the outer world. Quite, calm, serene, and extremely infectious, Pallikere Beach is an ideal spot to enjoy the miraculous beauty of Bekal Fort.

Chandragiri Fort: Another not-to-be-missed historical landmark around Bekal Fort, the Chandragiri Fort seats graciously on the banks of the Payaswini River. Visit this fortress to revisit time and have a glimpse of Kerala’s striking past.

Kappil Beach: A magical destination where the golden sands romance the azure water of the Arabian Sea, this impressive beach is still untouched by the outer world. Visit this beach for some of the most surreal experiences before it get into the hands of commercialisation.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters: If you are in the mood to enjoy the pristine beauty of Kerala’s backwaters, Bekal could be a much favourable destination for you. From this town, you can easily visit the revered Valiyaparamba Backwaters, which is around 41km away from this historic town.

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park: Fun frolic never ceases in Bekal! Visit The Bekal Hole Aqua Park, a fun-packed adventure park within the limits of Bekal to add some exhilarating moments to your holiday.

Nityanandashram Caves: True wonders of the nature, this set of cavers comprises of 45 different caves. A must visit attraction in Bekal, these caves will definitely make you wonder in your own thoughts!
Ananthapura Lake Temple: The only lake temple in Kerala, Ananthapura Temple is a pious destination for the believers of Hinduism. Well, this is also the only temple in the world that is believed to be guarded by a crocodile named ‘Babia’.

Hosdurg Beach: An offbeat beach within the limits of Bekal, Hosdurg Beach is a beach you would not wish to miss while touring around Bekal. Visit this beach during the hatchling season of turtles, and you would be amazed to witness the large influx of turtles who throng Hosdurg Beach to lay eggs.

Nileswaram: You must visit Nileswaram if you wish to explore and discover the colourful cultures of Kerala. Run and maintained by the Department of Archaeology, India, it is located alongside the backwaters and prove to be an amazing place to visit around Bekal.

Malik Deena Mosque: On a visit to the sacred Malik Deena Mosque, you would get to witness how peace and universal brotherhood sprawls around Bekal’s vicinity. Built in typical Malabar architecture, this mosque is also the venue of annual Uroos Festival.

Things to Do in Bekal:

Historical Tours: Embossed with some of the most wonderful and well-preserved historic landmarks, Bekal is a heart-warming place to embark on historical tours, and rediscover the grandeurs of a bygone era.

Beach Activities: Bekal is true treasure box for the beach goers. While the Bekal Beach is located with the limits of this historic town, it also offers easy access to several other picturesque and leisure beaches in Kerala.

Leisure Activities: With so much to offer, Bekal also serves as a flawless Kerala destination for leisure activities. Whether a casual vacationer, honeymooner, admirer of nature, or others, this promising town always make it an exciting experience.

Hotels around Bekal:

The tourist town of Bekal is dotted with some of the classiest hotels and resorts. Visitors can also find quite an abundance of budget stay options in this town. However, while in Bekal, visitors should opt for the beach resorts to enjoy the pristine beauty of its undulated shorelines!



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