Chalakudy – Kerala Travel Guide

Settled on the banks of the gurgling Chalakudy River in Kerala’s Thrissur district, the town of Chalakudy has an ancient as well as fascinating history! A town steeped with natural beauty and scenic marvels, it is located around 30km from Thrissur and almost 47km from Kochi.

Previously called ‘Yagashalakody’, it was later named as ‘Shalakody’, which gradually evolved to give the present name Chalakudy. Deciphering the history of this clement town, one would find a strong linkage of Chalakudy with the ritual of animal sacrifice.

While primitive tales depicts that this pious sacrificing ground was visited by Saptrashis. Other chapters of history also says that Chalakudy once served as an army base to withstand the enemy attacks and also to attack the nearby regions.

How to Reach Chalakudy

1By Road:

Road journeys are the best options to reach Chalakudy. Located alongside NH-544, this municipal town can also be reached through the State Highway-21 that connects this region with Vazhachal near Tamil Nadu. The town also has a well-sorted roadway network with other major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore.

2By Train:

Chalakudy has its own railway station called Chalakudy Railway Station. Visitors planning to reach Chalakudy by train, can book tickets to reach this station from most of the major railway stations across Kerala and other parts of the country.

3By Air:

In order to reach Chalakudy by air, one can make it to Kochi International Airport which is located around 34km from the town. Calicut International Airport at a distance of 119km could also be a good option to reach Chalakudy by air. From either of these two airports, visitors can take advantage of the regular buses or private transportations to reach Chalakudy by road.

Best Time to Visit Chalakudy:

Winter (November – February) – Best Time: Winter in Chalakudy begins with the starting of November month. With the arrival of the season, both temperature and humidity starts falling down. This in turn, makes the ambience tourist-friendly and encourages an array of tourist activities.

Summer (March – May) – Good Time: Visiting Chalakudy during the summer would not be a wise choice as the town experience harsh temperature and humidity during this season. Temperature within this period could reach up to 38 degrees; outsider might not be able to feel comfortable touring around the town at such humid climate.

Monsoon (June – October) – Good Time: With the arrival of the monsoon showers, Chalakudy starts regaining its lush and pristine beauty. Vegetation across the town gets livelier with the water sources flowing with much vigour and charm!

Places to Visit around Chalakudy:

Chalakudy River: If you are an avid aqua fauna lover, Chalakudy River will surely make you crave for more! Home to more than 150 different fish species, this magnificent river flows with its full grace during the monsoons. Some of the fishes found in this river are indigenous to this region; few of the species have been declared endangered.

Charpa Falls: A 70ft cascade, Charpa Falls is among the most scenic destinations to visit in Chalakudy. Originating from the Chalakudy River, it is more of a treasure box for the nature lovers and shutterbugs.

Sholayar Dam: Though considered as a distant attraction, Sholayar Dam could be an ideal destination to adore and embrace Chalakudy’s pristine beauty. Divided into Upper Sholayar Dam and Lower Sholayar Dam, this dam serves as a major lifeline to the locals.

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls: Nestled amidst the dense Sholayar Forest range, these twin waterfalls should not be missed while visiting Chalakudy. Measuring 80ft in height, both these waterfalls becomes magical during the monsoon.

Thumboormuzhi Dam and Butterfly Park: While the Thumboormuzhi Dam is a remarkable site to visit from Chalakudy, the Butterfly Park is the most colourful destination one can visit while in Chalakudy. Located close to each other, this dam site is a primary water source for irrigation.

Pisharikkal Bhagavathy Temple: In addition to the religious prominence, Pisharikkal Bhagavathy Temple is also known for its enthralling location. A 1,000 years old temple, it is dedicated to Bhadrakali Amman and is visited by a large number of devotees every year.

Kauthuka Park: An ultimate place to get connected with nature, this park is a renowned eco-tourism spot in Chalakudy. Dotted with scenic ponds, captivating rivulets, fascinating caves, and much more, it is a fun-filled destination for both young and adults.

St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Forane Church:Previously located on the Palace Road, St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Forane Church was later shifted to Chalakudy in 1300AD. Having strong roots to the introduction of Christianity in India, this church attracts large number of devotees and visitors during its annual Mother Mary’s Feast and St. Sebastian’s Feast.

Dream World Water Park: Be it with the exciting water rides or the fun-filled amusement rides, visitors will never get bored in the Dream World Water Park. Located close to Chalakudy’s limits, this amusement park is an ideal fun destination for all the age groups.

Things to do in Chalakudy:

Waterfall Visits: The gurgling Chalakudy River makes this municipal town an ideal destination to indulge in waterfall visits. Visitors to this town can enjoy an easy access to Chapra, Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls.

Nature Trails: Exploring the undulated beauty of Mother Nature could be one of the best things to do in Chalakudy. Dotted with evergreen thickets, enchanting rivers, impressive waterfalls, and scenic landscapes, this town offers an ample of opportunities to the visitors to come close to the nature.

Hotels around Chalakudy:

Chalakudy offers a wide range of budget hotels to the visitors. Ideal for all types of visitors and size of groups, these stay options mostly come with almost all the required amenities and facilities.



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