Devikulam– Kerala Travel Guide

Devikulam is a tiny, yet charismatic hill station in Kerala. Located around 5km away from Munnar, this sleepy hill retreat seats at an astounding height of 1,800m above the sea level. Characterised by captivating hills, promising landscapes, evergreen vegetation, and heart-warming climate, this picturesque hill station could be a soul-stirring escapade for the burnt-out souls!

In addition to its untouched beauty, Devikulam is also revered as an important religious centre among the followers of Hinduism. Legends have it that Sita Devi; wife of Lord Rama, took bath in the alluring Devikulam Lake. According to the legends, the lake gained curative powers since then, and is visited by thousands of devotees.

How to Reach Devikulam:

1By Road:

Being the two most well-connected tourist destinations in Kerala, Kochi and Kottyam serves as ideal destinations to reach Devikulam by road. One can also reach this scenic hill station by self-driving. Though the roads leading to Devikulam is steep, sloppy, and needs hands on driving experience, the drive gets enthralling owing to fascinating trails.

2By Train:

Kottayam Railway Station (132km) and Kochi Railway Station (149km) are the two nearest railway station to reach Devikulam by train. Both the places offer regular buses to the hill station; private transportation are also available to reach Devikulam by road.

3By Air:

Located at a distance of 150km, Cochin International Airport serves as the closest airport to reach Devikulam by air. The airport has a good influx of regular flights from other major national and some of the international destinations. Upon arriving at the airport, visitors can opt for the roadway options to reach their final destination Devikulam by road.

Best Time to Visit Devikulam:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: October-February is the time of the year when the entire hill station gets swayed with mists and fogs! Creating a magical appeal everywhere, winter also brings down the temperature significantly, making it an ideal season to visit Devikulam.

Summer (March – May) – Good Time: Following the charm and allurement of winter, this gorgeous hill station welcomes summer by the starting of March. With the arrival of this season, temperature begins to rise and reaches a maximum of 20 degrees by the starting of May. For those who are searching for the best time to visit Devikulam, they can visit this hill station within this period and enjoy its pristine beauty.

Monsoon (June – September) – Good Time: The monsoon showers incite a new life to this picture-perfect hill station. As soon as the rainfall starts, Devikulam turns into a captivating place with lush greeneries everywhere. Though regular rainfall could make the terrains a bit slippery, visitors would still find this place equally irresistible and charming all through!

Places to Visit around Devikulam:

Sita Devi Lake: Also called the ‘Devikulam Lake’, Sita Devi Lake is in fact the most coveted tourist attraction in Devikulam. It is believed that this sacred lake has natural healing powers, and is visited by a large number of devotes and tourists alike.

Eravikulam National Park: Drive around 15km from Devikulam, and you will reach this magnificent wildlife park. Spread across 97sqkm, Eravikulam National Park is an indigenous home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr and several other exotic wildlife species.

Mattupetty Lake: If you are in or around Devikulam, you should not miss a visit to the ever-charming Mattupetty Lake. Nestled amid evergreen forests, the lake also offers a range of fun-filled activities including speedboating.

Keezharkuthu Falls: The ‘Rainbow Falls’ or the Keezharkuthu Falls is a wonderful place to unravel the mesmeric beauty of Devikulam. Cascading down from a towering height, one can always spot rainbow formation around this gorgeous waterfalls.

Kundala Lake: Located within a proximity to the scenic hill station of Devikulam, Kundala Lake is an ideal place to enjoy nature’s miraculous beauty. One can also indulge in pedal boating, shikara rides, or explore the lakeside while cruising on rowing boats.

Thoovanam Falls: Nestled amid the lush thickets of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thoovam Falls is another promising waterfalls to visit while in Devikulam. The falls is accessible only through a short, yet enthralling trek through the dense forest areas.

Blossom International Park: A hit among the visitors to Devikulam and Munnar; especially among the kids, Blossom International Park is an exciting place to be in! Laced with exciting recreational facilities, it is an ideal place to unleash one’s self and have some fun.

Idukki National Park: This wildlife protected area is an exciting place to come across a wide range of rare and endangered wildlife species. Visit this gorgeous park while in Devikulam to spot some of the mighty predators and rare mammals.

Pallivasal Falls: Adding to the enchanting beauty of this cascade, is the array of exciting things visitors can do around the vicinity. Be it nature photography, day picnics or other recreational activities, Pallivasal Falls will keep you amused with its beauty and charm!

Devikulam Tea Estate: A sprawling tea estate owned by Tata Tea, Devikulam Tea Estate is among the oldest tourist attractions in Devikulam. It serves as an ideal place to learn more about tea cultivation, processing and packaging.

Hill View Park: For those who want to enjoy the panoramic beauty of Devikulam, they must head towards Hill View Park. Located close to Idukki Arch Dam, this 8 acres has a colourful display of flowers and other plants. One can also indulge in boating within this hilltop area.

Things to Do in Devikulam:

Devikulam has enough of scenic spots that offers lively options for day outings and picnics. To make these experiences more fun-packed, some of the destinations also offers a mix of recreational activities.

Trout Fishing: The Sita Devi Lake in Devikulam is a hotspot for trout fishing. Visitors can get fishing angles and other materials on rent, and try their luck across this picturesque lake.

Boating: Devikulam is dotted with several lakes and artificial water reservoirs. With so much of water bodies, this gorgeous hill station offers a range of boating options to its visitors.

Wildlife Tours: For the wildlife enthusiasts, they can satiate all their yearnings of spotting rare and endangered wildlife species while in and around Devikulam. Being located close to multiple national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, the hill station has become a much sought after destination among the wildlife lovers.

Waterfall Visits: While in Devikulam, one must not miss out the opportunity to visit the waterfalls around this scenic hill station. Keezharkuthu Falls, Thoovanam Falls and Pallivasal Falls are some of the most kaleidoscopic waterfalls around this hill station.

Hotels around Devikulam:

Devikulam has plenitude of resorts, cottages and homestays. Visitors to this hill station can also find a couple of luxury stays with world-class facilities and services. However, if one wants to enjoy the true essence of this hill station, they should either check-in into the homestays or make it to the resorts and cottages.



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