Lakkidi– Kerala Travel Guide

Rising high above the ground, Lakkidi is gem within a gem called Wayanad! Flaunting its enchanting beauty at a towering height of 700m above the sea level and atop ThamarasseryGhat Pass, this sky-high point boasts of being the highest setting in the hill station of Wayanad.

Located handy with Vythiri, Lakkidi is visited by visitors from all the walks of life. While nature lovers find this place as a natural treasure, leisure seekers find their answers to a salubrious holiday experience. For the fun and thrill seekers, the drive or ride to this awe-inspiring point that comprises of serpentine terrains, exhilarating hairpin bends, and set of other challenges, is no less than an adrenaline pumping experience!
On the other hand, for the shutterbugs, it becomes difficult for them to escape the irresistible charm and appeal of this vicinity. Sharing the space with several other sky-high peaks, gurgling mountain streams, exuberant vegetation, and photogenic valleys, Lakkidi in true sense, is an epitome of nature’s untouched beauty and charm!

How to Reach Lakkidi:

1By Road:

If you are yearning for the most enthralling experience while reaching out to this astounding spot, you must hit the roads! And to reach this elevated spot, Vythiri, at a distance of 5km, would serve your purpose at the best. Comprising of breath-taking hair pin bends, the drive from Vythiri to Lakkidi is filled exciting turns, challenging terrains, narrow passes, and requires expert hands at the steering. If not Vythiri, one can select Wayanad to reach Lakkidi by road.State-run and private buses also ply to this sky-high point at regular intervals from across Kerala; especially Kozhikode.

2By Train:

Kozhikode Railway Station, which is located around 100km is the adjacent railway station to reach Lakkidi by train. Arriving in Kozhikode, you can board the regular state-run or private buses, or even hire local taxis to reach Lakkidi by road.

3By Air:

Karipur Airport, at a distance of 100km, serves as the most ideal option to reach Lakkidi by air. From the airport, one can complete the remaining half of the journey through roadways by opting for the different road transport options.

Best Time to Visit Lakkidi:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: Uniquely places on the ThamarasseryGhat Pass, Lakkidi enjoys a crispy winter. The atmosphere gets cooler than the other times as temperature starts falling. The entire vicinity gets shrouded with mists and fogs starts invading the region. On a whole, all these climatic changes makes winter the best time to visit Lakkidi. To note here, this Wayanad destination is a year round destination.

Summer (March – May) – Best Time: As calendar hits the month of March, temperature in Lakkidi starts rising; surprisingly, the even at the extreme point, you will find the atmosphere extremely pleasant and appealing. During the three months of summer, the atmosphere gains better visibility and becomes ideal for sightseeing and other tourist activities.

Monsoon (June – September) – Best Time: As this region starts receiving the monsoon showers, visitors would find Lakkidi blooming into an enchanting box! The dense thickets starts growing afresh and wears an alluring shade of green making the ambience highly infectious for the visitors. However, if you are planning for hiking, trekking, or any such activities, you need to be careful as the terrains gets wet and becomes slippery!

Places to Visit around Lakkidi:

Palappuram: A tiny, yet colourful town at a distance of 5km from Lakkidi, Palappuram offers several scenic marvels and tourist spots. Home to the Chinakkathoor Temple, Dakshinamoorthy Temple, Mariamman Temple, Someswaram Temple, and St. Mary’s Church, this sleepy town can easily make you crave for more.

Pookot Lake: Seated at a lofty height of 770m above the sea level, this freshwater lake is truly a gift of Mother Nature. Located only 3km from Lakkidi, it is tucked away amidst fascinating mountain slopes, undulated forests, and has become a popular picnic destination among the visitors.

Padur: If you want to enjoy some secluded moments while touring around Lakkidi, you must head towards Padur. Also called ‘Padoor’, this village is also known for the sacred SreePanichnar Temple that hosts as annual festival called ‘Padur Vela Festival’.

Pazhayannur: Though smaller in size, this bucolic town can make you surrender yourself in the hands of its bewildering charm and appeal. In addition to the large number of tourists, Pazhayannur also attracts a huge crowd of devotees who throng this place to seek blessings from Goddess Bhagvati.

VennimalaSree Rama LakshamanaPerumal Temple: Believed to be constructed by CheramanPerumal, this pious temple worships Lord Rama and Perumal as the main deities. A true architectural marvel, it also has wooden idols of other Gods and Goddesses.

Chelakkara: Like any other tourist destinations near Lakkidi, Chelakkara also boasts of its scenic beauty and natural splendours. Located around 22km from Wayanad’s highest point, this town is also dotted with several sacred places and tourist attractions.

Shoranur: Situated on the banks of the gurgling Bharathapuzha River, this magnificent town is located 24km away from Lakkidi. Visit this place to witness the many different art forms of Kerala. To name a few, Shoranur has learning centres for Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattam, and several others.

Vaniyamkulam: Once ruled by the Chera dynasty, Vaniyamkulam is more of a historical landmark near Lakkidi. This balmy town is also known as an important trading point within the surroundings. It also hosts a bustling flea market every Thursday, where one can buy local artefacts, handcrafted items, and lot more.

Manissery: This appealing town is in fact one of the highest visited places around Wayanad. Parted away from Lakkidi by a distance of 12km, this town has the exquisite Varikkasseri Mansion. Built in Nalukettu architecture, this mansion has already been featured in numerous South Indian movies, and is counting!

Things to Do in Lakkidi:

Nature Trials: Canopied by untouched vegetation, Lakkidi is undoubtedly a befitting place to get connected with Mother Nature. On a visit to this fascinating locale, visitors can join nature trails or nature walks to get acquainted with Lakkidi’s irresistible charm and appeal.

Historical Tours: Lakkidi, along with some of its neighbouring tourist spots, are bedecked with ancient structures and establishments. Furthermore, these regions had contributed much to Kerala’s golden past. With the historical tours, visitors usually get to rewind time for a while and rediscover the charms of an era bygone.

Sightseeing: Being the highest point in Wayanad, Lakkidi is definitely the most promising destination to enjoy the undisturbed views of Mother Nature. The surrounding has some of the most exhilarating vantage point that serves this purpose at the best.

Religious Tours: Being the home to some of the most pious religious shrines and pilgrimage centre, Lakkidi could also be entitled as an ideal destination to embark on this type of tours. The place in fact, houses some of the most revered religious centres in entire South India.

Hotels around Lakkidi:

Whether on a short or long vacation, visitors can find ideal stay options within or around Lakkidi. The vicinity offers a range of hotels and resorts that can fit into visitors’ budget depending on their needs and requirements.



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