Mahe – Kerala Travel Guide

One among the four districts in Puducherry (or Pondicherry), Mahe is a panoramic town that seats flawlessly on the tip of Mahe River. Tucked away between Kannur and Kozhikode districts of Kerala, this town has an old-world charm that might not be found anywhere else in the world.

Once a part of the French India, this balmy town, along with three other places, was included in Kolathu Nadu. Post the invasion of East India Company in this vicinity, British soldiers took over Mahe. Post this, it was ruled by Rajah of Kadathanadu in 1761, and then by the French in 1785. As history passed, Mahe witnessed several other instances, and finally was included as a major town in the Union Territory of Puducherry post India’s independence.

How to Reach Mahe

1By Road:

Being close to Kerala, visitors can reach Mahe by road from almost all the major cities and towns in the state. The town is also has a well laid roadway network that allows visitors from other parts of Puducherry to reach Mahe by road.

2By Train:

Mahe Railway Station in Azhiyur (Kozhikode, Kerala) is the closest railway station to reach Mahe by train. As the station lies within a close hand to the tourist town, visitors can easily reach the town limits by means of private or state-run buses, and other private transportation options.

3By Air:

Calicut International Airport in Kerala, is the nearest airport to reach Mahe by air. The airport is almost 86km away from the scenic town, and has a good road connectivity to reach Mahe by road.

Best Time to Visit Mahe:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: Visitors searching for the best time to visit Mahe, must book their dates during the months of October to February. During this period of the year, this region experiences a downfall in the temperature range. The ambience gets crispy with tenderly winter strokes; this makes the atmosphere extremely magical and tourism friendly.

Monsoon (June – August) – Good Time: As soon as the monsoon showers starts caressing the atmosphere, Mahe turns enchanting! With lush and sprawling greeneries everywhere, the town gets afresh and turns into a magical destination for the visitors. However, visitors need to make sure, they don’t mind the regular rains!

Summer (March – May) – Not So Good Time: Within the three months of summer, temperature in Mahe starts rising, and can reach up to a maximum of 38-40 degrees. Along with the scorching heat, visitors could find the town extremely humid. Summing up all these, visiting Mahe during summer would not be a wise choice.

Places to Visit around Mahe:

Hillock: This is probably the most scenic Arabian Sea facing spot one can visit in Mahe. A heritage picnic spot, Hillock has all the elements to keep the visitors immersed with fun frolic. Adding more to its scenic grandeurs, there are walkways, benches, restroom facility, and lot more.

Mahe River Walkway: This walkway beside the alluring Mahe River serves as the best option to embrace and enjoy the river’s miraculous beauty. Resembling much to a diamond necklace, it is dotted with benches where one can sit, relax and catch the lively glimpses of the river.

Azhimukham: The mighty Arabian Sea meets the Mayyazhi River in Azhimukham and creates a scenic wonder to adore and cherish! The spot has a 2km long walkway that allows the visitors to enjoy the magical beauty of Azhimukham without any interruption.

Water Sports Complex: Visitors craving for fun and thrill should visit the Water Sports Complex in Mahe. Here, one can indulge in and enjoy enthralling water activities like motor boating, pedal boating, and others. Leisure seekers, nature lovers, and other classes of visitors would also find this spot ideal to spend pleasant moments.

Puthalam Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to Bhagavathi. With linkages to the historic strife between Indian and French army, this sacred temple also hosts the annual ‘Thirayattam’ that attracts a large crowd from outside.

Museum Government House: On a visit to this heritage museum, visitors would be able to revisit time, and unwind the pages of history. The museum houses numerous relics and ancient belongings that resonates the glorious history of Mahe.

Things to Do in Mahe:

Nature Watching: Steeped with an abundant number of natural marvels, Mahe proves to be an ideal destination for nature watching. Visitors here, can go for a stroll alongside rivers, visit confluence point of sea and river, and plenty of other options.

Picnics: Mahe has some of the most appealing destinations for day and evening picnics. Ideal for all types of visitors, most of these picnic spots are either located beside the sea, river, or shrouded with natural marvels.

Water Sports: For the adventure seekers, they can visit the Water Sports Complex in Mahe to pump up their adrenalines. With options like motor boating, pedal boating, and other similar activities, they can spend the entire day amidst fun-frolic and excitement.

Heritage Tours: Mahe is undeniably a remarkable place to revisit and rediscover history. Dotted with enough historical landmarks and other significant places, this town has plenitude of heritage sites that depicts numerous historical events and occurring.

Hotels around Mahe:

This magnificent town has a number of hotels and other stay options. Whether budget-friendly or luxury, dharamsalas or guest houses, visitors would find ample of options to stay in Mahe.



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