Mananthavady – Kerala Travel Guide

Kerala, the God’s Own Country is a melting pot of nature’s untouched beauty, varied cultures, different customs, and golden history. Following this ancestry, there is the city called Mananthavady that has soon become a sought-after tourist spot in the state.

Seated on the banks of Mananthavady Puzha, Mananthavady has a mix of history. Soaked with all the splendours of Mother Nature, this major township in Wayanad district, still resonates the essence of the past British Colonial Era. Located around 28km from Kalpetta, visitors from across the globe make it to this beautiful city to sit back, laze around and unwind themselves while enjoying its relaxed ambience.

How to Reach Mananthavady

1By Road:

Besides being well-connected with most of the prominent places in Kerala, Mananthavady can also be reach from the nearby states. The city is located around 98km from Mysore (Karnataka), 80km from Thalassery, 92km from Kozhikode, and also lies at a close hand to Kodagu district in Karnataka.

2By Train:

Vatakara Railway Station, which is around 65km from the city limits, is the nearest railway station to reach Mananthavady by train. From the station, visitors can board the regular buses or hire private transport options to reach Mananthavady by train.

3By Air:

Kozhikode International Airport at a distance of 120km is revered as the best option to reach Mananthavady by air. Visitors can also book flights to Bangalore International Airport (at 290km) to reach this city.

Best Time to Visit Mananthavady:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: With the advent of winter, Mananthavady turns into a visitor’s paradise. Temperature starts falling remarkably, making this city a quiet, calm and serene place to visit in Kerala. This is the time when visitors can enjoy Mananthavady’s natural beauty whole-heartedly and curate some of the best travel memories.

Summer (March – May) – Good Time: One can visit Mananthavady in the summers only if he/she is well-acclimatised to higher temperature. During this season, mercury level rises up to 33 degrees, and makes it quite difficult for the visitors to sustain such high range temperature.

Monsoon (June – September) – Good Time: Monsoons in Mananthavady is characterised by regular showers. As the city starts receiving monsoon rains, it turns into a verdant place to enjoy the bounties of Mother Nature.

Places to Visit around Mananthavady:

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: Located around 20km from Wayanad, Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural ground for many rare and endangered species. To name a few of these jungle dwellers, there are elephants, tigers, wild boars, leopards, and several other exotic wildlife species.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb: Pazhassi Raja, who is popularly called ‘The Tiger of Kerala’, was among the most noted freedom fighter of Kerala. This cenotaph was built to commemorate this valorous fighter.

Meenmutty Falls: This could be the most scenic places to visit while touring around Mananthavady. Visit this gurgling cascade, and you would surely be taken aback by its surreal beauty.

Kuruva Island: A picturesque stream delta located within a proximity to Mananthavady, Kuruva Island is an ideal escapade for the leisure seekers. Spreading across 950 acres, this island makes for a perfect picnic and nature watching destination.

Valliyoorkkavu Temple: This sacred temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess. Located only 3km from Mananthavady, devotees visit this temple in a large number to worship the goddess in three different forms: Vana Durga, Jala Durga and Bhadraklai.

Thirunelli Temple: Another pious temple to visit around Mananthavady, the Thirunellu Temple has Lord Vishnu as the principal deity. Seated on the Brahmagiri Hill at an elevation of 900m, the temple is nestled amidst scenic thickets and captivating mountains.

Things to do in Mananthavady:

Heritage Tours: Once a melting pot of different cultures, Mananthavady proves to be a wonderful place to revisit history. Visitors to this pictorial township can discover and explore the charms of a bygone era while being indulged in heritage tours across this town.

Nature Trails: Nature watch is one of the most relaxing things to do while in Mananthavady. Enchanted by a wide range of natural marvels, this quaint town is a dream come true destination for the nature lovers.

Wildlife Tours: Located within a close hand to Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, this town attracts a large number of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Wildlife safaris, wildlife excursions and wildlife spotting are some of the highly enjoyed activities here.

Waterfall Visits: Mananthavady also serves as an ideal point to visit and explore some of the most charismatic waterfalls in Kerala; Meenmutty Falls is one of these.

Hotels around Mananthavady:

Mananthavady has enough of stay options. Starting from economy to high-end options, there are quite a few hotels, resorts and tourist lodges in this city. One can also find heritage homes while in Mananthavady.



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