Mattancherry – Kerala Travel Guide

Located less than 10km from the heart of Kochi, Mattancherry takes the pride of being one of the most famed spice and tea trading centre. It was in the late 20thcentury, this locality was at its peak as a commercial hub. Today, Mattancherry has delightfully turned into an ethnic centre where you would find many different cultures, believes, customs, and faiths sprawling together in total peace and harmony.

Well, about the name ‘Mattancherry’, it is believed that the locality got its name as the entire ‘cherry’ (local term for street) was once filled with mutton butchering shops! Another interesting fact says that it got its name from ‘AncherryMattom’ as the traders from foreign countries used to call it ‘Matt-Ancherry’. Whatever the fact is, today Mattancherry serves as a bucolic tourist destination in Kerala with its livelier list of tourist attractions, historical landmarks, and others.

How to Reach Mattancherry

1By Road:

Mattancherry is located within a close proximity to Kochi. To reach Mattancherry by road, visitors can follow the well-laid road network to Kochi city, and get to their desired destination.

2By Train:

Both Ernakulam Town Station and Ernakulam Junction Station are the two nearest points to reach Mattancherry by train. Both these railway stations are well-connected with the other corners of the country through direct and via-trains. Upon reaching either of the stations, visitors can hire local cabs or take state-run or the regular private buses to reach Mattancherry by road.

3By Air:

Cochin International Airport, which has a decent influx of direct and via-flights from both national and international destinations, is the best option to reach Mattancherry by air. As the airport is only 42km away, one can complete the remaining part of the journey by boarding private taxis or buses.

Best Time to Visit Mattancherry

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: If you are searching for the best time to visit Mattancherry, you must book your dates anytime between October and February. This is the time when the entire locality starts cooling down; temperature drops, the atmosphere becomes clear and visibility increases. This makes sightseeing much more exciting, and also makes it for an ideal time to indulge in exciting tourist activities.

Summer (March – June) – Good Time: Since Mattancherry is located close to the port city of Kochi, it enjoys pleasant sea breezes even during the summers. Though temperature remains quite high, visitors can expect a swaying ambience with ample of options to explore and discover the natural beauty of Mattancherry during the summers.

Monsoon (July – September) – Average Time: Though monsoon is not-so advisable time to visit Mattancherry, one can still visit the locality between July-September. Due to decreased number of visitors, hotel bookings and other costs come down during monsoons in Mattancherry.

Places to Visit around Mattancherry:

Mattancherry Palace: A synonym to the history of Mattancherry, this is the palace that has contributed much to the history of this region. An elegant gift to the then king, Veera Kerala Verma from the Portuguese traders, Mattancherry Palace is also called the ‘Dutch Palace’.

Jew Street: A walk through this bustling road would transport you back to a world of antiques and rustic charm. Once a prominent trading centre for the Jews, the street now houses colourful shops, food-joints, artefacts store, and lot more that resonates an old world charm.

Dharmanath Jain Temple: A sacred place for the Jain communities in Mattancherry, Dharmanath Jain Temple is a remarkable piece of architecture. Built mostly in white marble, this pious temple is a symbol of sanctity, peace, harmony, and devout feelings of the Gujrathi population settled in Mattancherry.

Police Tourism Station and Museum: There are only a handful places in the entire world that makes guests or visitors feel like home even while being away from home. Mattancherry is one among them! The Police Tourism Station and Museum is a place where tourists can get insights about Kerala tourism, visa and passport information, register complaints, get quick assistance, and lot more. The establishment also has a display of police uniforms, police combat weapons, armours, and other such antique belongings from different historical periods.

Coonan Cross Shrine:Located in the heart of Mattancherry, Coonan Cross Shrine is a major landmark to this region. It was in this place, where more than 25,000 Christians took religious oath of not following Latin Archbishops in the year 1653.

PazhayannurBhagavathi Temple: A sacred temple with Lord Krishan and Lord Shiva as the principal deities, PazhayannurBhagavathi Temple is located on either sides of the royal Dutch Palace. The temple also has Goddess PazhayannurBhagavathi, who is believed to be the protector of Kochi’s royal families.

JeevaMatha Church:A Portuguese architectural piece, JeevaMatha Church is another landmark in Mattancherry. A serene, calm, and pious Christian place of worship, the church is often visited by visitors from different background and of different faiths.

Things to Do in Mattancherry

Sightseeing: Dotted with an array of historical and cultural landmarks, Mattancherry serves as a bucolic point to embark on sightseeing tours. Being a small and quaint locale, one can complete a detailed sightseeing tour within just a couple of hours and explore the many different grandeurs of Mattancherry.

Backwater Cruises: Located within a close proximity to Kochi, Mattancherry can also be called the gateway to backwater cruises in Cochin. Within these tours, visitors get to explore and discover the charm and appeal of Kerala’s enchanting backwaters.

Shopping:This is something that would keep the visitors engrossed with fun and frolic. The Jew Market in Mattancherry is undoubtedly a shoppers’ paradise and would serve the purpose!

Hotels around Mattancherry:

Mattancherry offers a handful of budget and luxury stay options. If visitors wish to check-in into ultra-luxury hotels, they may not find one in Mattancherry, and should look for the same in around Cochin.



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