Nelliampathi– Kerala Travel Guide

An addition in the list of most enchanting hill stations in Kerala, Nelliyampathy; also called Nelliampathi, boasts of being a breath-taking hill escapade. Enveloped with never-ending plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, and orange, this picturesque hill station is among the least explored and most well-preserved hilly retreats in the entire of God’s Own Country.

Guarded by cloud-caressed peaks and mountains, this magnificent hill station seats around 1,600m above the sea level. Adding more the bewildering charm and appeal of Nelliampathi, there are 10 exhilarating hairpin bends leading to this hilly abode. On a drive through these bends, one can also enjoy awe-inspiring views of Pothundy Dam along with a glimpse of the vicinity’s abundance of wildlife.

How to Reach Nelliampathi:

1By Road:

Visitors, who yearns to reach Nelliampathi by road, they can follow the NH-47 passing throughNenmara, a nearby town by this scenic hill station. This town is well-connected with most of the major cities and tourist destinations in Kerala. Visitors from nearby cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, and others can also reach Nelliampathi via the state-run or private buses that runs on this route on a regular basis.

2By Train:

Palakkad Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach Nelliampathi by train. Located at a distance of around 60km, this railway station has a well-sorted network of direct and via trains from major parts of the country.

3By Air:

Coimbatore Airport in Tamil Nadu is the best option to reach Nelliampathi by air. Being 120km away from the hill station town, one can take buses or hire private taxis to reach Nelliampathi from the airport.

Best Time to Visit Nelliampathi:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: With the advent of winter, temperature in Nelliampathi starts to fall. With an average range of 15-28 degrees, the ambience gets milder and calm till the end of February month, making winter the best time to visit Nelliampathi.

Summer (March – May) – Good Time: The entire March month remains pretty cool with a constant mercury level. However, though temperature begins rising from April, visitors can still expect a favourable climatic condition around the vicinity. This makes summer as a good time to visit Nelliampathi.

Monsoon (June – September) – Bad Time: Monsoon in this region is quite harsh with regular rainfalls. Even though the ambience gets lush and greener, regular showers make it difficult to manoeuvre through the hill station.

Places to Visit around Nelliampathi:

A range of fascinating hills that stands within a range of 467-1,572m, Nelliampathy Hills are known for their enchanting beauty. Clad with clouds, this hill range requires the visitors to drive through scenic patches of coffee, cardamom and tea plantations.

Nenmara: Located around 25km from Nelliyampathy, Nenmara is famed for its rustic beauty and irresistible charm. This pristine hamlet is the venue ground for Vela Festival, NemmaraVallangi Vela Festival and Thrissur Pooram.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: A heaven for the wildlife enthusiasts, this wildlife protected area is tucked away between Annamalai Hills (Tamil Nadu) and Nelliyampathy Ranges (Kerala). Housing a mix of species, this sanctuary is also the abode of several indigenous communities and tribes.

Palagapandi Estate: This beautifully maintained estate is an amazing place to revisit a piece of history while in Nelliyampathy. It has a heritage bungalow set amidst pictorial coffee, tea and spice plantations.

Padagiri: Reaching a height of 1,500m, Padagiri boasts of being the tallest peak in in the Nelliyampathy Range. Also called ‘Nellikota’, this region offers enthralling trekking routes and trails.

Seetharkundu Viewpoint: Located with a distance of 8km from the hill station, Seetharkundu Viewpoint is an ideal vantage point to enjoy some panoramic views of Nelliyampathy. Legends have it that Lord Rama once took rest in this place along with Sita Devi and Lord Lakshmana.

Raja’s Cliff: Standing tall at a staggering height of 5,250ft above the sea level, this cliff is poised with natural beauty and grandeurs. Carpeted with scenic plantation areas, it is also a magnificent place for wildlife spotting.

Malampuzha Gardens: For the visitors travelling with junior members, Malampuzha Gardens could be a fun-filled destination! Dotted with a range of recreational elements like hanging bridge, swimming pool, canal, and the only ropeway in entire South India, it is a must visit destination in Nelliyampathy.

Pothundi Reservoir: Established between the Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha tributaries of Ayalar River, this fascinating dam spreads across 10,930 hectares. Built with jaggery and lime, it is a unique piece of architecture to visit in Nelliyampathy.

Pothundi Reservoir: Another striking artificial water reservoir across the Ayalar River, Pothundi Reservoir is more famed for its exciting picnic options. Visitors here, can also indulge in boating and other leisure activities.

Things to Do in Nelliampathi:

Sightseeing: Adorned by the enchanting beauty of virgin hills, cloud-kissed peaks, heart-warming plantation areas, Nelliyampathy serves as a remarkable sightseeing destination. Embark on these tours to explore and discover the undulated beauty of this pictorial hill station.

Boating: Abundance of water bodies and reservoirs makes Nelliyampathy an ideal boating destination. Also, while boating around this hill station, visitors get an easy access to unravel and enjoy its miraculous beauty!

Trekking: Nelliampathiis also an adventurer’s hub. Its dense thickets with narrow trails passing across and rugged terrains entices thrill seekers from across the country.

Plantation Walk: Mostly covered with scenic tea, coffee and spice plantations, this hill station is a wonderful place to embark on plantation walk. With these walks, visitors can come close to Nelliampathi’suntouched beauty!

Shopping: Nelliampthy’s local market can quench all your shopping sprees! If you are an ardent lover of tea or coffee, you can buy some of the best or raw variety of tea and coffee in this market.

Hotels around Nelliampathi:

While in Nelliyampathy, visitors can easily find hotels, resorts, guest houses, tourist lodges, and much more. Ranging from average to high-end, these stay options offer almost all the required amenities and facilities to make it for a pleasant stay.



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