Palakkad – Kerala Travel Guide

Well, not all the tourist destinations in Kerala is all about scenic coastlines; Palakkad is just one of them! Though this city is deprived of any coastal line, it has something distinctive that makes it a must visit place! Palakkad is the ‘Gateway to Kerala’; it connects the India’s Spice Captial with other parts of the country.

Also, while you can find most of Kerala being dotted with coconut groves, Palakkad offers an overall contrasting view! While in this city, you will find yourself amidst never-ending Palmyra groves. Abundance of this giant trees with a crown at the top, got this city the name ‘Land of Palmyra Trees’.

Be it Kerala’s history, education, literature, and cultural values, Palakkad has a remarkable contribution in each of them. Even if looked through agricultural aspects, this pictorial city plays a noteworthy role, and thus, it is also esteemed as a major granary to the state!

How to Reach Palakkad:

1By Road:

Visitors can reach Palakkad from almost all the major destinations in Kerala as the city is well-connected with an array of roadways network. Visitors from outside the state can also Palakkad by road from popular destinations like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, and others.

2By Train:

A train to Palakkad Junction serves the best way to reach Palakkad by train. Since the station is located within the city limits, visitors will find no hassles in reaching the city and unravel its undulating beauty!

3By Air:

Being the nearest air-halting ground, Coimbatore International Airport is the best way to reach Palakkad by air. The airport is around 49km from the city. Upon arrival at the airport, visitors can hire local cabs or board any of the bus services (private or state-run) to reach Palakkad by road.

Best Time to Visit Palakkad

Winter (November – March) – Best Time (July – March): Palakkad welcomes winter early November, and continues to the chills and crispiness of the season till late March. Within this duration, the city experiences a pleasant climate and equally clear ambience. With visibility getting extended, visitors can expect a heart-warming experience in this city. However, the period July-March serves as the most ideal time to visit Palakkad.

Monsoon (June – October) – Good Time : Rain showers are almost a daily affair in this city. Due to this, Palakkad always showcases a greener outlook which never fails to entice visitors. With the showers, temperature falls out considerably and the atmosphere starts getting cooler. If you are accustomed to usual rains, monsoon could be a good time to visit Palakkad!

Summer (February – May) – Bad Time: Palakkad lacks coastal areas. Hence visitors cannot expect cool breezes while touring around this city. Adding to this, the gradual rise in temperature makes it quite hard for outsiders. If only you are acclimatised to high temperatures, you can think of summer as a decent time to visit Palakkad.

Places to Visit in Palakkad

Palakkad Fort: Also known as ‘Tipu’s Fort’, Palakkad Fort plays a significant role in Kerala’s history. Built during 1766AD by Haider Ali, the fortress is a classic example of ancient architecture and genius. Colossal architecture, unique interiors, detailed artwork, and the valorous tales of Palakkad Fort will surely keep you enchanted throughout your visit!

Silent Valley National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Silent Valley National Park opens the door to Kerala’s diverse range of flora and fauna. Guarded by cloud-clad peaks, spread with lush and evergreen thickets, and inhabited by an exotic range of wildlife; 34 mammal species, 292 avifauna species, 31 reptile species, 22 amphibian species, 107 orchids species, and lot more, it is a must visit destination in Kerala.

Pothundi Dam and Reservoir: Kerala never ceases to amaze its visitors; and so does Palakkad. On a visit to the amazing Pothundi Dam and Reservoir, you would realise a unique trait about it. Built during the British era, this entire dam was built with jaggery and quick lime. It is a wonderful place to soak in some sunlight, enjoy day-picnics and indulge in some fun activities.

Nelliyampathy Hills: Famed as ‘Second Ooty’, Nelliyampathy Hills is for those who seek leisure, fun, excitement, and thrill! Dotted with lush vegetation, gorgeous waterfalls, and an exciting network of trekking trails, this hill site also serves as an ideal vantage point to unravel the magical beauty Palakkad.

Malampuzha Dam & Gardens: Reaching an astounding height of 355ft, Malampuzha Dam boasts of being the largest water reservoir in entire Kerala. Built across the Malampuzha River, this dam site also has a lush and verdant garden that offers a heart-warming as well as prismatic experience to the visitors. Also, while visiting this scenic site, don’t miss the marvellous Yakshi Statue!

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: Seated amidst a hilly locale, this scenic wildlife protected area is around 95km away from Palakkad. Though quite far, visitors get rewarded with sighting of exotic as well as endangered wildlife species while on a safari in the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mangalam Dam: Visit this damsite if you want to grasp in some leisure moments amidst total peace and calmness! Located around 52km from the city centre, Mangalam Dam is tucked away amidst untouched greeneries that serves as a natural home to many wildlife species.

Dhoni Hills: For all the adrenaline seekers out there, Dhoni Hills is the place that will satiate all their yearnings! Rugged trails, uneven courses, dense forests with gurgling springs, and an enthralling ambience makes this site a trekking paradise in Palakkad.

Thiruvalathur Random Moorthy Temple: With Goddess Mahishasuramardhini and Goddess Annapurneshwari as the main deities, Thiruvalathur Random Moorthy Temple is among the most sacred places to visit in God’s Own Country. Legends have it that this pious temple was built within twelve days. Whether you believe in the legends or not, but a visit to this holy temple will surely get you mental and spiritual peace!

Kalpathy Heritage Village and Temple: Popularly called ‘Varanasi of the South’ or ‘Dakshin Kashi’, this temple complex is only 3km away from city limits. Sacred and pious, this holy site has been suggested to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rock Garden: At times, even the waste materials can usher creativity and liveliness! The Rock Garden in Palakkad is a perfect example of how waste items can bring out the best form of art and creativity. A visit to this unique spot is no less than a visual treat.

Things to Do in Palakkad

Wildlife Tours: All your wishes and desires to have face-off with endangered wildlife species will come true in Palakkad. Visit the fascinating wildlife sanctuaries and national parks; embark on wildlife safaris and come across a diverse range of wildlife.

Cultural Tour: With so much cultural landmarks, Palakkad will surely keep you engrossed with its multi-coloured facets. These tours will get you acquainted with the indigenous culture and lifestyle of Kerala.

Historical Tours: Palakkad also serves as an ideal destination to unfurl the glories of Kerala’s golden past. For an instance, a visit to Palakkad Fort itself will unravel many fascinating tales of the past.

Sightseeing Tours: This is probably one of the best things to do in Palakkad. With an array of tourist attractions and destinations, you will always find something or the other while in this city.

Adventure Activities: Being guarded with scenic hills and towering peaks, there is no dearth of exhilarating locations in Palakkad. Be it hiking or trekking, this city offers enough of adrenaline pumping activities to the visitors.

Hotels in Palakkad

This quaint city offers a number of stay options to its visitors. Ranging from low to high, visitors can pick-up destinations of their own choice. In addition to these, visitors can also opt for exciting homestay options while in Palakkad.



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