Poovar– Kerala Travel Guide

A visual treat to the eyes of visitors, Poovar has its own appeal among all the scenic destinations to visit in Kerala! A traditional fishing hamlet on God’s Own Country, this promising island at the edge of Kerala’s southern end entices visitors from all across the globe. Once known as ‘Pokkumoosapuram’, this bucolic island was later named as Poovar by Marthanda Varma; the ‘Lion of Kerala’, which locally translates to River of Flowers’.

Once a thriving spice trading port, this picturesque island village has now become a major landmark in the state’s tourism map. The fact that Poovar is situated aesthetically at a point where river and lake meets with the majestic Arabian Sea, gets this quaint hamlet a special mention in the list of tourist destinations in Kerala.

How to Reach Poovar:

1By Road:

Located only 55km from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, visitors can reach this island hamlet from within the city limits. In addition to regular state-run and private buses, visitors can also hire local cab services to reach Poovar by road.

2By Train:

Trivandrum Central Railway Station is the nearest spot to reach Poovar by train. The station is around 55km from the fishing village. Following arrival at the railway station, visitors can utilise local transportation options to reach Poovar by road from Trivandrum.

3By Air:

Trivandrum International Airport, which is located around 50km, is the best option to reach Poovar by air. From the airport, one can take local buses or cabs to reach Poovar by road.

Best Time to Visit Poovar:

Winter (October – February) – Best Time: Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Poovar! During this season of the year, temperature starts dripping down. Atmosphere gets cooler with a tenderness in the ambience. As visibility increases during the winter, visitors can enjoy sightseeing and excursion tours at their best and get acquainted with the quintessential beauty of Poovar.

Monsoon (June – September) – Good Time: The period of June to September also serves as a good time to visit Poovar. During this season, the island receives abundance of rainfall, and gets a fresh and impetus look. However, the period of June to July might not be an ideal time as the rain showers get quite extreme across these months.

Summer (March – May) – Not So Good Time: Summers in Poovar could be exhausting for the outsiders. With the mercury level hitting a maximum of 35-37 degrees, heat and humidity rises significantly making it difficult for the visitors to stroll around this scenic fishing hamlet!

Places to Visit around Poovar:

Vizhinjam International Seaport: Trivandrum International Seaport or the Vizhinjam International Seaport is a gorgeous place to visit while in Poovar. Located only 13km from the island village, this seaport is a flagship tourist destination that experiences a huge influx of ships from several national and international destinations.

Kovalam Beach: For the beachgoers, they can make it to the gorgeous Kovalam Beach while unravelling the miraculous beauty of Poovar. Being 17km away from the village, this beach could be the most wonderful spot to romance the golden sands while being soaked with the gracious charm of the Arabian Sea!

Neyyattinkara: A balmy locality in Thiruvananthapuram, Neyyattinkara is a famous tourist destination that dates back to the Neolithic Age. Once called ‘Thenganad’, this township is the abode of the pious NeyyattinkaraSree Krishna Swami Temple.

Shankumugham Beach: Located on the western rim of Trivandrum, Shankumugham Beach is an extremely scenic and equally serene beach in the entire of Kerala. Located around 30km from Poovar, this sandy retreat is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate one’s senses.

Vizhinjam Cave Temple: Depicting sculpture that belongs to the late 8th century, Vizhinjam Cave Temple is considered as a pious religious centre among the followers of Hinduism. Located only 40 km from Poovar fishing village, this temple is a testimony to ancient art skills and utmost devotion.

Kuthira Malika Palace: The ‘Mansion of Horses’ or the Kuthira Malika Palace in Trivandrum is also among the most remarkable places to visit from Poovar. Built in traditional Kerala architecture, this elegant masterpiece from the past is revered for its intricate wood carvings, distinct pattern, wooden ceilings, and lively floral motifs.

Things to Do in Poovar:

Island Tour: Embark on a sightseeing tour around this scenic island to explore its rich beauty and irresistible charm. While on such a tour, don not forget to take a stroll across the remote areas; you never know, you may find something exotic around these corners!

Beach Visits: Located within a proximity to Trivandrum, Poovar offers easy access to a number of stunning beaches in Kerala. Interestingly, most of these beaches are located within a radius of 30km.

Historical Tours: This bucolic fishing village is dotted with many historical sites. With the oldest site dating back to Neolithic Age, visitors can explore several other such prominent historical landmarks while in Poovar.

Hotels around Poovar:

With Poovar Island Resort as the most impressive stay option, Poovar also has an ample of hotels and tourist resorts. This island offers a mix of beach resorts, luxury resorts, elegant hotels, Ayurveda resorts, and lot more to its visitors.



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