Sulthan Bathery– Kerala Travel Guide


A city within the scenic locales of Wayanad, Sultan Bathery is as old as the hill station itself. With a recorded history from 10th century, this quaint tourist city is believed to be much older! Tucked away alongside the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this city at an elevation of 1,000m is also the largest city in Wayanad.

Surrounded by impressive cliffs, dotted with untouched vegetation, adorned with picturesque meadows, and other scenic natural marvels, this city has become a much sought after destination among the visitors. Owing to its astounding height and amazing topography, the city enjoys a pleasant climate, and proves to be an extremely wonderful holiday destination in the entire of Kerala.

Previously known as Ganapathyvattam, this city was named after Tipu Sultan; the great ruler of Mysore, invaded this region. After invasion, the ruler used a temple within this city as his battery (a storage for artilleries and ammunitions). Since then, the city got its name Sulthan Battery, which later became Sulthan Bathery.

How to Reach Sulthan Bathery:

1By Road:

Located within the beautiful locales of Wayanad, this pictorial city enjoys a well-laid road network with the rest of Kerala. Visitors planning to reach Sulthan Bathery by road, can embark on their journey from across a multiple cities and towns in and around Kerala. Calicut, Mysore, Nilambur, Bangalore, and Ooty are some of the best connected destinations to reach Sulthan Bathery by road.

2By Train:

Calicut Railway Station at a distance of 98km, serves as the nearest railway station to reach Sulthan Bathery by train. Upon reaching the train station, visitors can hire private cabs or board the state-run or local buses to reach Sulthan Bathery by road.

3By Air:

Kozhikode International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Sulthan Bathery by air. Located at a distance of 69km from the tourist town, the airport has an access to private buses, state-run buses, and local taxis to reach Sulthan Bathery by road.

Best Time to Visit Sulthan Bathery:

Winter (October – March) – Best Time: Sulthan Bathery usually welcomes winter with the beginning of October which continues till the end of March. Temperature remains significantly low within this period. This makes it ideal for the visitors to enjoy the pristine beauty of Sulthan Bathery, and to explore its nearby tourist attractions and places to visit.

Summer (June – September) – Good Time: As monsoon begins in Sulthan Bathery, the city experiences seasonal downpours. With this period, the city starts growing into a heart-warming spot with lush greeneries everywhere. Whether you are a leisure seeker, nature lover, honeymooner, backpacker, or a casual traveller, you would surely fall in love with this gorgeous city during the monsoon.

Monsoon (March – June) – Average Time: Summer in Sulthan Bathery usually begins in March and lasts till June. Within these few months, temperature starts rising and can reach up to a maximum of 37 degrees. However, the towering height of the city makes it easier for outsiders to get acclimatised to the summers in Sulthan Bathery.

Places to Visit around Sulthan Bathery:

Jain Temple: A 13th century site, Jain Temple is among the major landmarks in Sulthan Bathery. It was in this religious site, where Tipu Sultan stored his arms and ammunitions, and thus the city got its name Sulthan Battery, which later became Sulthan Bathery.

Edakkal Caves: Edakkal Caves is a set of two ancient caves that testifies the existence of human civilization from the Neolithic Age (5,000 – 1,000 BC). Some of the paintings found in these caves date back to Indus Valley Civilization. The caves are also believed to have strong essence of Harappan Civilization.

Chethalayam Falls: Located around 12km from the main city, the magical Chethalayam Falls in Western Ghats is a visual treat for the visitors. Though among the smallest waterfalls in Kerala, it serves as wonderful escapade to leisure seekers, nature lovers, and thrill seekers.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread across 344sqkm, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary or the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is an indigenous home to a range of exotic wildlife species. This is surely an ideal place to spot Indian Elephants, Tigers, Panthers, Jungle Cats, and several other endangered wildlife species.

Kalpetta: Canopied with evergreen coffee plantations, Kalpetta is a pictorial town at an elevation of 782m. Located around 25km from Sulthan Bathery, this bucolic town is known for its sleepy ambience and an array of tourist spots.

Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS): This research centre serves as a befitting place to learn and know more about agriculture. A part of the Kerala Agriculture University, RARS is a research centre for spice, paddy, variety of fruits, and a range of exotic flowers.

SreeMahaGanapathy Temple: A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, this is an important religious centre in Sulthan Bathery. Located at the heart of the city, the temple also has idols of Lord Sri Ayyappa, Sri Savan, Goddess Sarasvati, and Sri Nagar.

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum: The Wayanad Heritage Museum or Ambalavayal Heritage Museum is around 11km away from Sulthan Bathery. With a wide range of collection from 2nd century, this museum also boasts of antique collections that includes relics of ancient wars, tiger hunts, cow bells, and other tribal artefacts.

Bathery Juma Masjid: The largest mosque in Sulthan Bathery, this Islamic religious centre is located within a close hand to the city’s main bus stand. A prominent religious landmark, it can accommodate around 1000 worshippers at once.

Mariyamman Temple: This pious temples is major worshipping ground for the Tribal population of Sulthan Bathery. Visit this temple during February-March to witness its annual festival which attracts a large number locals and visitors as well.

Thovarimala: This is one of the most desired spot for the thrill seekers! Though considered as a heritage site for Stone Age pictorial writings, it offers enthralling trekking trails.

Things to Do in Sulthan Bathery:

Heritage Tours: Sulthan Bathery has plenty of sites and places that have witnessed the evolution of human civilization. One can visit these places and have a livelier glimpse of human history and its evolution.

Wildlife Spotting: Being one of the closest cities to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Sulthan Bathery proves to be an idyllic destination to go for wildlife spotting. On a usual safari in the sanctuary, one can come across Tiger, Leopards, Indian Elephants, and several other rare wildlife species.

Historical Tours: This picturesque city is also an amazing place to rediscover the charms and tales of a world bygone! The city is in fact dotted with several such landmarks that can get you acquainted with the golden past of Kerala.

Nature Trails: Discovering the magical beauty of Mother Nature could be one of the most delightful things to do in Sulthan Bathery. One can find abundance of natural marvels in this city, and exploring them could be an exciting way to add memories to one’s travel diary!

Adventure Activities: Surrounded by fascinating mountains and embraced by captivating thickets, Sulthan Bathery also entices a large number of thrill seekers. Trekking and hiking are the two most vigorously enjoyed activities in this beautiful city.

Hotels around Guruvayur:

Whether you want to laze around the comforts of a luxury stay or check-in into budget hotels, you will find enough of options in Sulthan Bathery. Starting from resorts to jungle lodges, budget hotels to ultra-luxury stays, there is no dearth of places to stay in and around this scenic city.



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