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ThrissurPooram Festival in Kerala

During the month of Medam in the Malayalam calendar, the entire of Kerala gets ready to celebrate an annual Hindu Temple Festival called the ThrissurPooram. The largest and the most popular among all the Temple Festivals in Kerala, this celebration marks the rising of the moon with the ‘Pooram’ star!

A one day annual festival, ThrissurPooram was initiated by the Maharaja of Cochin, Raja Rama Varma, and now, it has become of the most highly celebrated festivals in Kerala. Celebration usually begins seven days prior, and is followed by hoisting a ceremonial flag at Naduvilal and Naikkanal in Thrissur. It is then followed by a stunning display of fireworks in the evening and a procession of elephants decorated with traditional jewelleries and ornaments.

On the day of ThrissurPooram, local artists participate in the PanchavadhyamMelam, and commencethe IlanjitharaMelam. These artists use traditional musical instruments like drum, cymbals, pipes, and trumpets to begin the celebration, and the fiesta continues with several other traditions and practices.Owing to the opulence and vibrancy of ThrissurPooram, it has been famed as one of the ‘Most Spectacular Festivals in the Planet’ by UNESCO!

Celebrated Across:Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur District
Celebration Month:Month of Medam (between April and May)
Last Celebrated On:17th April, 2016
Next Celebration On:5th May, 2017



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