Kerala Houseboats Packages

Be it the pristine beauty of Kerala, its turquoise and silent backwaters, its diverse history, or its colourful cultures; everything about God’s Own Country is so magical! Be it on the land or in the water, the state offers equal and amazing tourism options to its visitors; and houseboats are revered as the most invigorating means to explore, discover, and revel in the mesmerising beauty of Kerala.

The Experience:

If camels are the ‘Ship of the Desert’, houseboats in Kerala can be called the gateways to the untouched beauty of Kerala! In simple words, any Kerala tour is incomplete without a cruise in these boats that manoeuvres across the silent backwaters, and takes the visitors for a fun-filled and equally magical experience!

Unlike other boats, these Kerala houseboats are decked with almost all the modern day amenities and facilities. A stay in them will never make you feel short of anything. Whether an open-spacious bedroom, a modern bath, heart-warming dining area, designated chefs, expert oarsman, 24-hours electricity, or internet connectivity, houseboats in Kerala offers everything!

If these houseboats are to be described in other words, they should be called homes away from your home while cruising around the alluring backwaters of Kerala. Come Kerala, plan a backwater cruise, hop into these houseboats, and curate some of the most memorable memoirs to fill you Kerala trip diaries!

Best Houseboat Destinations in Kerala:

Almost every corner of the God’s Own Country is studded with a backwater destination. And where there are the backwaters, there are these amazing houseboats. However, for the most astounding and unforgettable houseboat experiences in Kerala, visitors must make it to destinations like:


Alleppey or Alappuzha can be called as the ‘Backwater Capital of Kerala‘. Adorned by the alluring charm and appeal of the Vembanad Lake, this gorgeous city is one of the most sought after backwater destinations in the entire world! If you are planning for a Kerala tour and enjoy the houseboat cruises, you must visit Alleppey to satiate all your yearnings.


This quaint and scenic hamlet on the banks of the emerald Vembanad Lake redefines backwater tourism in Kerala! Bestowed with the eternal beauty of this turquoise lake and fringed with playful coconut groves, houseboat cruises in Kumarakom is a must to have experience! Also, since this region enjoys a moderate climate round the year, visitors can embark on houseboat cruises throughout the year in Kumarakom.


The hub of houseboat building industry in Kerala, Alumkadavu in Karunagapally is located around 23km from Kollam. Being a pioneer destination for houseboat cruises, this pictorial hamlet entices visitors from across the country, and also offers some of the most magical and everlasting houseboat experiences in Kerala. Cruises in in Karunagapally usually take the visitors to other popular destinations like Alleppey, Kumarakom, and others.

4Ashtamudi Lake:

The Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam is revered as the ‘Gateway to the Backwaters of Kerala‘! The second largest backwater lake in Kerala; Vembanad Lake being the largest, Ashtamudi is known for its enchanting stretch of backwaters and scenic beauty all around. A houseboat cruise across this turquoise lake takes the visitors through several villages, captivating lagoons, and the untouched beauty of God’s Own Country.


Located around 21km from Kollam, Paravur is another stunning houseboat destination in Kerala! Tucked away at the confluence of point of the ParavurKayal and the mighty Arabian Sea, this picturesque town boasts of its alluring stretch of backwaters and amazing houseboat cruise options!



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