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Silent Valley National Park– Kerala Travel Guide

Silent Valley National Park is among the most scenic and largest national parks in the country. Located in Palakkad district of Kerala, this imposing wildlife protected area spreads across 92sqkm forming the core area of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Home to some of the most exotic, rare and endangered wildlife species, Silent Valley National Park has an extended population of lion-tailed macaques. Endemic to the mighty Western Ghats, this Old World Monkey species is considered as an endangered species. Furthermore, this dense wildlife habitat is also inhabited by other exotic species like tigers, leopard cat, fishing cat, small Indian civet, dhole, sloth bear, and the list goes on. The park is also a natural home to a wide range of local birds, and also attracts many other species of migratory birds during the season.

Well, the name Silent Valley National Park was coined by the British officials who found this region silent due to absence of cicadas. Though there are other fascinating stories behind how the park got its name, the first one is widespread and holds good till date!

How to Reach Silent Valley National Park

1By Road:

The town called Mannarkkad is located around 32km from the park’s limits. It serves as the nearest tourist spot to reach Silent Valley National Park by road. The town has a good roadways connectivity with major cities in Kerala; especially Palakkad. Visitors from nearby city like Coimbatore can also reach Silent Valley National Park by road via Mannarkkad.

2By Train:

Olavakkode Railway Station in Palakkad is the adjoining railway station to reach Silent Valley National Park by train. Distanced by around 75km, visitors can easily avail state-run or private buses, cabs and local taxis to reach Silent Valley National Park by road from the railways station.

3By Air:

Peelamamedu Airport is the best option to reach Silent Valley National Park by air. This airport is located in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), and is around 155km away from the park. A large number of flights of all major air-carriers operate to and fro from this airport. From the airport, visitors can opt for roadway transport options to reach Silent Valley National Park by road through Mannarkkad.

Best Time to Visit Silent Valley National Park:

Winter (November – February) – Best Time: Visiting the park during the early part of winter; November, may not be good choice as one could still find high moisture within the vicinity. However, starting from December, the ambience around the park starts growing favourable and continues till late winter; February. Visitors searching for the best time to visit Silent Valley National Park, should plan their trip between December and February; March and April are also considered ideal time.

Summer (March – May) – Good Time: As the summer starts its spell in the park, temperature starts rising within the perimeter. With this, the atmosphere gains more visibility and offers ample of opportunities for wildlife spotting. By the end of March, temperature might reach the higher limit with maximum humidity.

Monsoon (June – October) – Good Time: With the monsoon showers, the park thrives out as a lush and verdant wildlife shelter. However, as access of rain and waterlogging causes the trails to soak water, monsoon could be a not-so-good time to visit Silent National Park. To note here, leeches can cause a lot of inconvenience during the monsoons.

Silent Valley National Park Safari Timings:

Throughout the Week (except Fridays)
Entry Timing: 08:00AM – 01:00PM
Exit Timing: 05:00PM
Entry Fee: INR 50 (Per Person)
Guide Fee: INR 150

Silent Valley National Park Safari Costs:

Jeep Safari: INR 1,600 (5 Persons)
Still Camera: INR 25
Video Camera: INR 200

Hotels around Silent Valley National Park:

Kerala Forest Department offers competent stay options in Mukkali for the visitors Silent Valley National Park. Visitors can either opt for guest houses or check-in into dormitories here. Known to be budget-friendly, these stay options come with decent amenities and facilities. One can also find an ample of stay options including both budget and luxury options in and around Palakkad.



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