Cochin Backwaters Kerala

In addition to being one of the most beautiful port cities in God’s Own Country, Kochi is also revered as one of the most mesmerising backwater destinations in Kerala! Located on the banks of the magical Vembanad Lake, this electrifying city can be called as a heaven for the backwater enthusiasts!

Also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, backwater cruises in Cochin has their own charisma and charm. While on such a cruise around the Vembanad Lake in Cochin, visitors get to explore, discover, and get acquainted with the golden history of the city. In addition, the historical and other popular landmarks around the city add more to the backwater cruises!

Best Time to Visit Cochin Backwaters

Winter or October-February is the best time to enjoy the Cochin backwaters. With the mercury level going down, temperature decreases and makes the ambience cool and calm. Also, as there are almost zero chances of rains, visitors can enjoy Cochin backwaters to their hear context during the winters.

Tourist Attractions Around Cochin Backwaters

Paradesi Synagogue

Built during 1567, Paradesi Synagogue is among the seven synagogues in the kingdom of Cochin. A brilliant display of art, faith, devotion, and traditions, it is also the oldest active synagogues in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Fort Kochi

Once a tiny fishing village, Fort Kochi is in fact one of the highest visited tourist attractions near Cochin Backwaters. Dotted with numerous historical monuments and establishments, it is a must visit attraction in Kerala's tourism map.

Mattancherry Palace

A magnificent palace that dates back to 1555, Mattancherry Palace; also known as the Dutch Palace, reciprocates the finest form of Portuguese architecture. It was gifted to the king of Cochin as a token of thanks by the Portuguese rulers.

Trains to Reach Cochin Backwaters

Destination/From Train Name Train No. Available Days
Yesvantpur Jn – Eranakulam Jn Ypr Ers Exp 06543 Sun
Bangalore Cy Jn – Trivandrum Cntl Trivandrum Exp 16321 Thu
Karaikal – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Exp 16865 Round the Week
Chennai Cntl – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulum Exp 06345 Fri
H Nizamuddin – Eranakulam Jn Nzm Ers Duronto 12284 Sat
Lokmanyatilak T – Eranakulam Jn Ltt Ers Duronto 12223 Tue, Sat
Lokmanyatilak T – Eranakulam Jn Cstm Ers Special 01065 Wed
Bangalore Cy Jn – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Superfast Exp 12684 Tue, Thu
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Swarna Jayanti 12644 Fri
Bangalore Cy Jn – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Superfast Exp 22608 Mon
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Trivndrm Rajdhani 12432 Tue, Wed, Sun
Madgaon – Eranakulam Jn Madgaon Ers Exp 10215 Sun
Bilaspur Jn – Eranakulam Junction Bsp Ers S F Exp 22815 Mon
Shalimar – Trivandrum Cntl Shm Tvc Superfast Exp 22642 Tue, Sun
Mumbai Cst – Trivandrum Cntl Trivandrum Express 16331 Mon
Dhanbad Junction – Alleppey Dhn Alappuzha E 13351 Round the Week
Tatanagar Jn – Alleppey Tata Allp Exp 18189 Round the Week
Indore Jn Bg – Trivandrum Cntl Ahilyanagari Exp 22645 Mon
Pune Jn – Eranakulam Jn Pune Ers Superfast Exp 22150 Wed, Sun
Bangalore Cy Jn to Kochuveli Kochuveli Exp 16315 Round the Week
Trivandrum Cntl to Guruvayur Guruvayur Exp 16342 Round the Week
Mangalore Cntl – Nagercoil Jn Ernad Exp 16605 Round the Week
Kozhikode – Trivandrum Cntl Jan Shatabdi 12075 Round the Week
Karaikal to Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Exp 16187 Round the Week
H Nizamuddin – Eranakulam Jn Mngla Lksdp Exp 12618 Round the Week
Chennai Egmore to Guruvayur Ms Guruvayur Exp 16127 Round the Week
Trivandrum Cntl – Eranakulam Jn Vanchinad Express 16304 Round the Week
Kannur – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Exp 16306 Round the Week
Kannur – Alleppey Alleppey Exp 16308 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
Mangalore Cntl – Trivandrum Cntl Maveli Exp 16603 Round the Week
Chandigarh – Kochuveli Kerla S Kranti 12218 Wed, Fri
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Nzm Tvc Superfast Exp 22634 Fri
Patna Jn – Eranakulam Jn Pnbe Ers Exp 22644 Thu, Fri
H Nizamuddin – Eranakulam Jn Ers Millenum Exp 12646 Tue
Pune Jn – Eranakulam Jn Poorna Exp 11097 Sat
Okha – Eranakulam Jn Okha Ers Exp 16337 Mon, Sat
Ajmer Jn – Eranakulam Jn Maru Sagar Exp 12978 Fri
Patna Jn – Eranakulam Jn Pnbe Ers Exp 16360 Tue
Gorakhpur Jn – Trivandrum Cntl Rapti Sagar Exp 12511 Thu, Fri, Sun
Shoranur Jn – Trivandrum Cntl Venad Exp 16301 Round the Week
Barauni Jn – Eranakulam Jn Rapti Sagar Exp 12521 Mon
Lokmanyatilak T – Trivandrum Cntl Netravati Exp 16345 Round the Week
Amritsar Jn – Kochuveli Asr Kcvl Exp 12484 Sun
New Delhi – Trivandrum Cntl Kerala Exp 12626 Round the Week
Bangalore Cy Jn – Eranakulam Jn Ernakulam Exp 12677 Round the Week
Chennai Cntl – Trivandrum Cntl Super Ac Exp 22207 Tue, Fri
H Nizamuddin -Trivandrum Cntl Nzm Tvc Superfast Exp 22656 Fri


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