Kozhikode Backwaters Kerala

The once an important spice trading centre in Kerala, Kozhikode or Calicut is among the most renowned and salubrious backwater destinations in Kerala. Located on the Malabar Coast, this coastal metropolis has some of the virgin and untouched backwaters that are thronged by thousands of visitors every year!

Fringed with groovy palm thickets, the Kozhikode backwaters are unique and are connected by canal networks. While cruising along these backwaters, visitors also get to witness, explore, discover, and enjoy the rustic charm of Kerala’s rural cultures.

Ideal for honeymoon cruises, family vacations, weekend escapades, the charm and allurement of Kozhikode backwaters get enhanced by the jolly houseboats that are most common here. The gurgling Kali River and Canoli Canal in Calicut also makes it for exciting and fun-frolic backwater tours in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Kozhikode Backwaters

For those who want to enjoy the best of Kozhikode backwaters, they must plan their Kerala trip during the winters or between the months of October to March. This is the time when the mercury level drops down and offers an extremely pleasant experience of backwater cruising in Kozhikode.

Tourist Attractions Around Kozhikode Backwaters

Kappad Beach

Untouched from the outer world, Kappad Beach boasts of being the landing ground of Vasco da Gama in India. Unlike most of the Kerala beaches, this one still holds the traditional charm and appeal of Kerala.

Dolphin Point

While unwinding and adoring the beauty of Kozhikode Backwaters, you can always add some more fun-filled and exciting moments by embarking on a dolphin spotting tour. And if you are really craving for such an enthralling experience, Dolphin Point is the place for you!

Payyoli Beach

A beach where the golden sand embraces the turquoise sea waves, Payyoli Beach can make you forget any other beaches in Kerala. Since the water level around this tourist marvel is quite shallow, it serves as an ideal spot for various water sports and activities.

Trains to Reach Kozhikode Backwaters

Destination/From Train Name Train No. Available Days
Tiruchchirapali – Mangalore Cntl Tpj Maq Exp 12653 Sat
Trivandrum Cntl – New Delhi New Delhi Ac Exp 04095 Thu
Madgaon to Chennai Central Mao Mas Spl 06002 Mon
Nagercoil Jn – Mangalore Jn Mangalore Exp 06304 Wed
Chennai Cntl – Mangalore Jn Madgaon Exp 06003 Sun
Lokmanyatilak T – Eranakulam Jn Cstm Ers Spl 01065 Wed
Vasco Da Gama – Vellankanni Vsg Vlnk Exp 07323 Wed
Mangalore Jn – Chennai Cntl Chennai Exp 06004 Fri
Puducherry – Mangalore Cntl Mangalore Exp 16855 Thu
Bikaner Jn – Coimbatore Jn Bkn Cbe Ac S F 22475 Thu
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Trivndrm Rajdhani 12432 Tue, Wed, Sun
Madgaon to Eranakulam Jn Madgaon Ers Exp 10215 Sun
Dadar – Tirunelveli Dadar Ten Exp 22629 Fri
Pune Jn – Eranakulam Jn Pune Ers Superfast Exp 22150 Wed, Sun
Trivandrum Cntl – Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi 12076 Round the Week
Trivandrum Cntl – Veraval Veraval Exp 16334 Mon
Mangalore Cntl – Chennai Cntl Chennai Mail 12602 Round the Week
H Nizamuddin – Eranakulam Jn Mngla Lksdp Exp 12618 Round the Week
Eranakulam Jn – Kannur Cannanore Exp 16305 Round the Week
Alleppey – Kannur Cannanore Exp 16307 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
Kannur – Alleppey Alleppey Exp 16308 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
Yesvantpur Jn – Kannur Ypr Cannanore Exp 16527 Round the Week
Yesvantpur Jn – Mangalore Cntl Mangalore Exp 16565 Sun
Chandigarh – Kochuveli Kerla S Kranti 12218 Wed, Fri
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Nzm Tvc Superfast Exp 22634 Fri
Bhavnagar Trmus – Kochuveli Bvc Kcvl Exp 19260 Sun
Dehradun – Kochuveli Ddn Kcvl Superfast Exp 12288 Mon
Pune Jn – Eranakulam Jn Poorna Exp 11097 Sat
Bikaner Jn – Kochuveli Bkn Kcvl Exp 16311 Tue
Ajmer Jn – Eranakulam Jn Maru Sagar Exp 12978 Fri
Lokmanyatilak T – Trivandrum Cntl Netravati Exp 16345 Round the Week
Amritsar Jn – Kochuveli Asr Kcvl Exp 12484 Sun
Kannur – Trivandrum Cntl Jan Shatabdi 12081 Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri, Sat
Jammu Tawi – Mangalore Cntl Navyug Exp 16688 Thu
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Nzm Tvc Superfast Exp 22654 Mon
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Nzm Tvc Superfast Exp 22656 Fri
Dehradun – Kochuveli Ddn Kcvl Superfast Exp 22660 Mon


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