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Next Christmas, Let the Bells Jingle and Reindeers Sleigh in God’s Own Country

Glossy stars and shimmering lights assume control over the land in December, as God’s Own Country sets itself up cheerfully for Christmas. Houses and avenues are decked flawlessly as the State praises this darling event with intensity. Grave administrations happen at houses of worship over the State alongside broad celebration that proceeds then lasts till the New Year. Individuals of all networks meet up, expand cakes and endowments are traded, and general mind-set of bliss and quietness comes over the whole masses. It is a cheerful time for everybody alike, with the message of affection and amicability resounding off each side of the State.

History of the Festival

It is believed, Christianity came to India in fourth Century AD when St Thomas, one of the followers of Jesus visit Kerala. He spoke about Jesus in Kerala and it is said countless decided to turn into the adherent of Christian confidence. It is over the time that Christmas festivity became part and parcel of Kerala.

You know where to celebrate Christmas next…

In Kerala, Christmas festivity shows the impact of Syrian and Western Christians. The state is known to include the kind of customs that incorporates arrangement of some intriguing luxuries to keep the festivals considerably additionally fascinating. Like in other Christian nations, the planning for Christmas starts from the beginning of the long stretch of December. Individuals plan dry nutty surprises that are traded round the season Christmas season. Going to the midnight mass is additionally a piece of the custom.

Also being the peak season, the options are umpteen in Kerala during December. We therefore bring to you a list of Christmas packages for Kerala for you to choose from. Each of these packages have been set keeping in mind your budget and comfort. From a comfortable homestay to letting you experience the best of Christmas, our Christmas packages for Kerala covers them all. Pick one that suits you best!