Watch God’s Own Country getting all decked up as it celebrates the festival of lights in its own style

Diwali, or Deepavali as it is more popularly referred to as in the state, is not one of the biggest festivals in Kerala. However, it is celebrated in a rather different and subtle manner compared to the rest of the India. Houses, temples, street, etc. are given a thorough clean and then decorated with flowers and lamps. Families visit temples, as it is an auspicious day. On the eve of Diwali as well as on the day, people wear new clothes, burst crackers and light lamps to ward off evil and welcome the good. Special dishes are also prepared to celebrate the occasion. Explore Diwali packages for Kerala today!

History of the festival

Each part of India celebrates Diwali in its own way. There are diverse legends that talk about the history of the festival. However, one thing that is common among all the stories is the victory of light over darkness or good over evil. Light is a reference for knowledge, whereas dark is a reference for ignorance.

Some celebrate Diwali as the occasion of the homecoming of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, along with Hanuman, after their exile, during which Rama defeats the demon king Ravana. Diwali is also commemorative of Lord Vishnu’s victor over the evil king Narakasura.

Diwali in Kerala gained more prominence as people from different communities and different part of the country moved into the state. So, these communities that are mainly settled in the more metropolitan cities like Kochi or Trivandrum, celebrate the festival in all its gaiety, in which locals also participate.

Bask in the traditional festivities

Some temples celebrate Diwali with much fanfare. In Kerala, fireworks are much popular and hence sometimes firework shows are held in different parts, apart from cultural programs. Diwali packages for Kerala are keenly customized so that all such festivities are included, and as you visit God’s Own Country, you get to experience the different traditional festivities associated to Deepavali, much in contrast to the other parts of India.

Tailor-made packages

Apart from the standard package we have to offer, we are also ready to incorporate your likings and preferences to custom-make a schedule that will turn your trip into a truly fulfilling experience.