Kerala, prevalently known as ‘God’s Own Country’, is specked with a few charming goals to appreciate the excellence of nature. The awe inspiring excellence of the place takes you to a universe of rich greenery and quiet backwaters. From Cochin to Munnar, to Periyar, to Kovalam, the insignificant picture of these spots present the image of swinging palm trees, completely clear lakes, and excellent shorelines alongside a ride in magnificent houseboats. So, why hold back? Come along walk through this abode with us.

If you wish to travel to Kerala from Jaipur then there are things you should know. Read on…

1. Best time to book Kerala Tour packages from Jaipur:

Though the winters in Jaipur is also popular for its cool breeze and mystic beauty, it can sometimes get extreme hence becoming a roadblock to a comfortable vacation. The best time to book Kerala Tour packages from Jaipur hence is the winter season.

It takes you away from the extremely chilly winters of Jaipur and lands you to the cozy warmth of Kerala. Infact here you get to sit by the serene beaches and let the cool water give you a natural pedicure.

There is three traveller seasons in Kerala:

  • Amid the perfect or best time to visit Kerala, which is from September to March; the climate is pleasant. It is neither excessively hot nor excessively cool and is the best time to visit Kerala. It is the most prevalent time to visit Kerala.
  • Monsoon season endures from June to August and attributable to the coastline; there is an early beginning of downpours in this place when contrasted with whatever remains of the nation. There are rare showers amid June and overwhelming precipitation amid July. In the midst of the cool winds and the dim skies, the monsoon season is the best time for a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines.
  • You can likewise visit Kerala in winter from December to February. Individuals who appreciate a chill noticeable all around and approve of a tad of dampness are clearly going to cherish this period. Spots like Munnar and Thekkady give a look at excellent dim mountains and foggy tea plants that will scratch a place in your heart.

2. How to reach Kerala from Jaipur:

The total distance between Jaipur and Kerala is 2042 km. There are three modes to choose from. Depending on the time and budget that you have set, choose one that suits you best.

  • By Train:

There is direct train(s) from Jaipur to Ernakulam, Maru Sagar Exp (12978. The base time a train takes to reach Ernakulam from Jaipur is 41h 14m. The least expensive approach to reach Ernakulam from Jaipur takes you 41h 14m, which is to take Maru Sagar Exp from Jaipur to Ernakulam.

  • By Road:

If road journey is what you prefer and time is what you have then a journey by road from North to south should be fun. Make sure you stop on the way in beautiful destinations and take umpteen rest on the way so you don’t get drained out. The costs for hiring a vehicle begin at INR 5 for every kilometer and fluctuates according to the vehicle. You will also have to pay the additional toll charges.

  • By Flight:

Check availability of flight on the day you have chosen. There are non-stop flights accessible to Kerala from Jaipur. Travel by flight takes around 3 hours. A few taxi and taxi administrations are accessible outside the airplane terminal to make a trip from air terminal to different parts of Kerala. You can take a flight to Calicut, Cochin or Trivandrum.

3. Things to Expect from Kerala Tour Packages from Jaipur:

Places to Visit (Approximate Distance):

  • Alleppey (2,760km)
  • Thekkady (2,674km)
  • Kovalam (2,890 km)
  • Munnar (2,642km)
  • Wayanad (2,450km)
  • Cochin (2,714km)
  • Trivandrum (2,897km)
  • Varkala (2,845km)
  • Kozhikode (2,529km)
  • Kumarakom (2,755km)

Things to Do:

  • A ride through the calm backwaters
  • Houseboat Stays
  • Beach Tours
  • Visit to spice plantations, tea estates
  • Adventure Tours: Paragliding, parasailing, boating
  • Experience the laid back village life
  • Across the beautiful Hill Stations
  • Into the wild
  • Cultural visits