To indulge in and enjoy the true spirit of God’s own country, visit the place during Onam

Nothing brings out the true glory of God’s Own Country like the biggest festival of the state, Onam does. It is one festival that brings people from different walks of lives and all faiths together. Malayalis from across the world fly down to Kerala to be with their family and friends and share the goodness of the season. The state gets four days of public holidays to take part in all the customs and celebrations.

History of the festival

Although there are many a narrative that traces the history of the festival, the most popular one goes like this. Onam is celebrated to welcome Mahabali, Malayalis’ favorite king who apparently once ruled the place. As per the Hindu mythology, Mahabali, the demon king, was the great great grandson of Kashyapa, great grandson of Hiranyakashipu, grandson of one of the biggest devotees of Vishnu, Prahlada.

Mahabali, a truly righteous king, conquered all the three worlds by overpowering devas or the gods. Shook, devas appealed to Lord Vishnu to defeat Mahabali. Vishnu did not comply with the request as Mahabali was a Vishnu devotee. However, he decides to test the devotion of Mahabali. Disguised as a young brahmin lad named Vamana, Vishnu approaches Mahabali, who was celebrating his victory by performing a yaga. The king asks the boy the purpose of his visit and agrees to offer anything he wants. Vamana asks for a piece of land that measures three paces. The king concurs. However, Vamana assumes a gigantic size and completes the three worlds in two paces, asking for the third one. The king offers his own head for Vamana to step, upon which Vamana stamps and sent him to netherworld. However, impressed by Mahabali’s faithfulness, Vishnu grants him a boon; that he can visit his beloved subjects and kingdom once in a year.

Every year, Malayalis thus started celebrating the occasion of the visit of their loved king as Onam.

No better place than Kerala to celebrate Onam

The official state festival of Kerala spans for 10 days in the month of Chingam of the Malayalam calendar (which falls somewhere in between August and September). Floral carpets are arranged every day, and festivities include vallam kali (boat race), tug of war, pulikali (tiger dance), thumbi thullal (a type of women’s dance), among many others. People also put up swings and prepare the famous onasadya on the three core days of celebrations. Be in Kerala during Onam to catch all these unique festivities and some traditional art forms. Onam packages for Kerala are adeptly created so that you get to experience the extravaganza that Onam is, in sync with your budget and comfort. Explore all the Onam packages for Kerala that we have for you and choose one.

Tailor-made packages

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