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A short excursion to Kerala is perfect to give your body and mind the genuinely necessary short break and space from your riotous lives and the disarray of the city. We at Travel Ghar, hence have curated the best weekend packages for Kerala that won’t just restore your body and psyche yet in addition enable you to see through life from an alternate point of view. We pack a bunch of exercises and undertakings for you on your short excursion to Kerala. That way your short trek appears to be long and fulfilling.

Weekending to Kerala

When you return to work after a weekend in Kerala, you are sure to feel slightly off. Taking a short outing to Kerala is an endeavour to make tracks in an opposite direction from the hurrying around of the city life. That implies it will enable you to clear the messiness in your brain. Attractions like Alleppey backwaters, Fort Kochi, Varkala can be a standout amongst the best festivals which you have not yet experienced in your life. Regardless of whether you have an adoration for nature, as to see flying creatures trilling, or like grand mountains, the God’s own country has nearly everything for an ideal weekend getaway.

Leave it all on us

Arranging an outing can be an issue in itself. A long excursion certainly requires a great deal of arranging and a huge amount of homework. Travel Ghar makes arranging your short trek to Kerala lively and you should simply gather your packs and simply leave.

Tailor-made packages

Apart from the standard package we have to offer, we are also ready to incorporate your likings and preferences to custom-make a schedule that will turn your trip into a truly fulfilling experience. Explore our list of weekend packages for Kerala today.