Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters Kerala

Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala is known for an array of reasons; the magical backwaters are one among them! Situated on the coastlines of the majestic Arabian Sea, this wonderful city serves as an ideal holiday destination for almost all the types of travellers including those who yearn to romance the silent backwaters while on their Kerala trip.

Located around 6km from this electrifying city, there are the mystical Thiruvallam Backwaters that are touted as the most bucolic among all other backwaters in Kerala. Also called the Veli Backwaters, this stretch of backwater is located in a quaint tourist village called Veli and is thronged by an astounding number of visitors on their backwaters holidays in Kerala.

If you are searching for the most amazing backwater destinations in Kerala, you must visit this gorgeous village from Trivandrum! While in here, you can also indulge in and enjoy some of the most adventurous water sports and activities in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters

WiOctober to February is the best time to visit the Thiruvallam backwaters in Trivandrum. During this part of the year, visitors can enjoy pleasant climate along with ample of other tourist activities in and around the Veli backwaters.

Tourist Attractions Around Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters:

Veli Lagoon

Hidden away amidst lush and evergreen vegetation, this pictorial lagoon is located within a proximity to Trivandrum. Wearing a quaint outlook, Veli Lagoon offers an ample of fun-filled tourist activities to its visitors. Pedal boating, speed boating, and rowing are some of the most sought after activities around this lagoon.

Akkulam Lake

If you are travelling with the junior member of your family, a visit to the scenic Akkulam Lake is a must for you! A beautiful mix of salubrious nature and a leisurely ambience, it also serves as a wonderful picnic spot.

Veli Tourist Village

Located within the locales of Veli Lagoon, this rustic hamlet offers a perfect atmosphere to unwind oneself into the lap of Mother Nature. Fringed with an array of natural marvels, this tourist village is laced with an array of exciting activities.

Trains to Reach Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters

Destination/From Train Name Train No. Available Days
Delhi NDLS-TVC Kerala Exp 12626 Round the Week
Delhi SVDK-Cape Himsagar Exp 16318 Tues
Delhi New Delhi Ac Exp 04095 Thu
Kolkata SCL-TVC Exp 12516 Thurs
Mumbai Kanyakumari Exp 16381 Round the Week
Mumbai Nagercoil Exp 16335 Fri
Mumbai VRL TVC Exp 16333 Thurs
Chennai Trivandrum Mail 12623 Round the Week
Bangalore Kanyakumari Exp 16526 Round the Week
Chennai Cntl Tvc Chennai Express 12696 Round the Week
Chennai Cntl Tvc Chennai Express 12698 Sat
Bangalore Cy Jn Trivandrum Cntl 16322 Wed
Korba Krba Tvc Express 16327 Sat
Bangalore Cy Jn Trivandrum Express 16321 Thu
Hyderabad Sabari Exp 17230 Round the Week
Gorakhpur Jn Rapti Sagar Exp 12511 Thu, Fri, Sun
Indore Jn Bg Ahilyanagari Exp 22645 Mon
Mangaluru Cntl Trivandrum Exp 16348 Round the Week
Mangaluru Cntl Maveli Exp 16603 Round the Week
Mangaluru Cntl Ernad Exp 16605 Round the Week
Mangaluru Cntl Malabar Exp 16630 Round the Week
Mangaluru Cntl Parasuram Exp 16649 Round the Week


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