Kollam Backwaters Kerala

Located around 71km towards the north of Trivandrum, Kollam is one of the most kaleidoscopic backwater destinations in Kerala. A pristine tourist destination along the Malabar Coast, this port city in God’s Own Country is located along the serene Ashtamudi Lake and is thronged by a large number of backwater travellers from all over the world.

While this pictorial city boasts of its myriad list of offerings to the visitors, the pristine Ashtamudi Lakes entices the backwater enthusiasts to plunge into the houseboats and manoeuvre across them. The city also has a large number of the hotels and resorts that offers exciting backwater experience in Kerala.

If you are searching for some of the best backwater destinations in Kerala, you should plan a Kerala trip soon, and visit this pictorial city along the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake. To note here, Kollam also has a large number of waterways that connects it to some of the other most popular backwater destinations in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Kollam Backwaters

September to February is undoubtedly the best time to visit the Kollam backwaters in Kerala! This is the time when the city welcomes winter; temperature starts falling and the atmosphere gets mystical with the advent of the fogs and mists! This is also the ideal time to embark on houseboat cruises across the Ashtamudi Lake or avail the many different Kerala backwater tour package and enjoy the alluring charm of Kollam backwaters.

Tourist Attractions Around Kollam Backwaters

Kollam Beach

Kollam Beach is surely a place that you cannot afford to miss while romancing the Kollam Backwaters. A paradise for the beach goers, this getaway is also popular canal cruises, village tours, and much more exciting activities.

Mata Amritanandamayi Math

A spiritual locale around Kollam Backwaters that ushers humanity, Mata Amritanandamayi Math is thronged by global tourists. One can indulge in evening prayers, meditate, or can simply visit this pious place for peace of mind and soul.

Thangasseri Beach

Located within a close distance with the picturesque Kollam Backwaters, this beach flaunts its sparkling coastline to entice visitors from different corners of the globe. Swimming, sun basking, fishing, boat rides, surfing, and catamaran rides are some of the sought after activities around Thangasseri Beach.

Trains to Reach Kollam Backwaters

Destination/From Train Name Train No. Available Days
Chennai Egmore MS-QLN SPL Fare Exp 06049 Mon
Visakhapatnam VSKP-QLN WEEKLY Exp 18567 Thu
Hyderabad Decan HYB QLN Spl 07141 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
Visakhapatnam VSKP QLN Spl 08567 Wed, Sat
Kanyakumari Kollam Jn CAPE-QLN Passr 66305 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
Kottayam KTYM-QLN Passr 56305 Round The Week
Nizamabad SABARIMALAI Spl 07613 Fri
Adilabad ADB-QLN 07509 Thu
Edamann EDN-QLN Passr 16303 Round the Week
Machilipatnam MTM-QLN Passr 07221 Sat, Sun
Vijayawada Jn BZA-QLN Passr 07219 Wed, Thu
Kottayam KTYM-QLN PASSR 56393 Round The Week
Vijayawada Jn BZA-QLN 07213 Sat
Howrah Jn – Trivandrum Cntl HWH-TVC SPECIAL Exp 02508 Sat
Secunderabad Jn – Kochuveli SC-KCVL HSP 07119 Fri
Kamakhya – Kochuveli KYQ-KCVL SPL FARE Spl 06335 Wed
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl Rajdhani Exp 12432 Tue, Wed, Sun
Amritsar Jn – Kochuveli KCVL EXPRESS 12484 Sun
Silchar – Trivandrum Cntl SCL – TVC Exp 12508 Thu
Gorakhpur Jn – Trivandrum Cntl RAPTI SAGAR Exp 12511 Thu, Fri, Sun
Silchar – Trivandrum Cntl GHY TVC Exp 12516 Tue
Chennai Cntl – Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM Mail 12623 Round the Week
New Delhi – Trivandrum Cntl KERALA Exp 12626 Round the Week
H Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Cntl SWARNA JAYANTI 12644 Fri
Bikaner Jn – Kochuveli BKN KCVL Exp 16311 Tue
Mangaluru Cntl – Trivandrum Cntl TRIVANDRUM Exp 16348 Round The Week
Ksr Bengaluru – Kanyakumari KANYAKUMARI Exp 16526 Round The Week
Hyderabad Decan – Trivandrum Cntl HYB-KCVL SABARI Exp 17230 Round The Week
Chandigarh – Kochuveli Sampar KRANTI Exp 12218 Wed, Fri
Howrah Jn – Tirupati HWH CAPE Spl 05906 Mon


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