The hills have a different story tell with each season. Come, hear them all in Munnar.

Attributable to its lovely atmosphere, Munnar remains a perfect destination for all those that visit Kerala. Its tea estates, lovely waterfalls and adventure activities draws in tourists from across the globe. A simple walk amidst the lush green tress here is sure to invigorate utmost peace in you.

Here’s all that you should know about the weather in Munnar:

1December to February:


The winter months are by a wide margin the best time to visit Munnar since the climate is charming. The base temperature amid this time drops to ten degrees Celsius and is ideal for an excursion or a cozy stay. This is additionally an incredible time for experience aficionados who can appreciate experience exercises, for example, mountain climbing, trekking and rappelling. Do convey woollens along as the nights can get very cold.

2As spring begins (March to May):

March marks the start of summer in Munnar. The climate stays charming and temperatures go between 19 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. Summer in Munnar is an ideal time to appreciate touring and visiting tea homes and the Tata Tea Museum. Convey light cottons, however additionally convey an umbrella as rain is normal amid this time.

3The rainy season from June to September:

This is the monsoon season in Munnar and despite the fact that numerous visitors maintain a strategic distance from Munnar amid the rainstorm, this is an incredible time to visit Munnar of peace is what you crave for. Secured with rich green foliage, monsoon in Munnar have their very own appeal. This is additionally an extraordinary time to appreciate limits on inn duties and appreciate Munnar all to yourself, without swarms of visitors. Likewise do make sure to convey an umbrella to keep away from rain.

Choose a weather that suits you best and come explore this haven!

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