Amidst the hills is the magnificent Vagamon.

Vagamon can be visited at any time of the year. Being arranged at such high height concedes this strange goal its charming climate, with the temperature continually lying between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. The months from June to September encounter the spell of rain. Consequently, the best time to visit Vagamon is amid the dry seasons, which are summers and winters. The two seasons have their advantages. While summers are best for elephant riding and paragliding celebrations, winters are perfect for mountain climbing and tea ranch visits. Being wealthy in biodiversity, this place is likewise on the movement graphs of numerous eco-vacationers. Furthermore, it is the captivating magnificence of this destination that will make you hungry for new experiences.

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1Vagamon in Summer from March to June


Moderate climate and cool ocean breezes begin commanding the atmosphere of Vagamon from March till May. Because of the charming sun sparkling free skies and a smooth fragrance of tea leaves filling the air, summers is a prominent destination for voyagers trying to visit this emerald diamond of Kerala. These months records the most noteworthy temperatures of the year. The temperature runs somewhere in the range of 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Consequently, such warm climate requests lightweight, freely fitted garments.

2Vagamon during Monsoon from July to September

As you approach towards the end of May, dark mists drift up in the sky shadowing the sun. Showers begin getting successive. The blustery or wet period of Vagamon endures from June till September. An uncommon pick by visitors because of the high stickiness, sloppy scene and eccentric rains that go about as an obstacle to outside exercises, this period gives you the upside of having a luxurious stay at a budgeted price. The windy climate and delicate downpours overflowed with pleasant green scene make Vagamon the ideal house for couples, particularly the ones on their special first night.

3Vagamon during Winters from October to March

Towards the end of September, when the downpours begin decreasing, and a chilling air fills the climate, you realize that winter is going to start. Being situated at a respectable height gives Vagamon an agreeable winter contrasted with other slope stations. This time is supported by greatest holidayers attributable to its chilly, dry climate and negligible deluges. Thus, this peak season additionally results in more expensive rates of resorts and hotels.

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