How To Reach Vagamon


Across the green meadows in Vagamon

Arranged at a height of 1100 m above ocean level, Vagamon is situated on the edges of the Western Ghats and is encompassed by three primary slopes – Murugan, Kurishumala and Thangal slopes in Kerala – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam – portray the social amicability. Vagamon otherwise called the ‘Scotland of Asia’, was first found by the British. Vagamon has everything a nature darling looks for. The undulating slopes, the green knolls and peaceful homesteads, the mysterious pine woodland, a withdrawn religious community, the tea and zest gardens decorating the scene, the mellowed mountain streams and the falling cascades in the rough territory, the dim breezes veiling the mountains – it’s the ideal dream.

The voyage to Vagamon, through the smooth thruway, with grand mountains and profound gorges on your side is a staggering background. Driving through the sharp bends of the wandering rock-cut streets tough, with profound canyons on the turns, hazardously luring, is invigorating.


Read on to know the feasible ways by which you can land here

  • Via Train:

The individuals who wish to come to the wonderful Vagamon via train can do as such by boarding a train to Kottayam. The Kottayam railroad station is situated at a separation of 44 km from Vagamon. Trains are accessible to reach Kottayam from all the significant urban communities of India. As you reach Kottayam, board a cab to reach Vagamon.

  • Via Air:

The closest airplane terminal to reach Vagamon is Cochin International air terminal that lies at a separation of 150 Km from Peermede. On achieving the Cochin International airplane terminal, one can contract a private manoeuvre to achieve the core of Vagamon. The Cochin International airplane terminal is connected to all cities of India and is additionally all around associated with a portion of the unmistakable global urban areas.

  • By Road:

Erattupetta is the nearest town, arranged at a separation of 25 km from Vagamon. To achieve the Erattupetta, take the Kottayam-Kumili Street. Vagamon, the perfect occasion goal, is effortlessly available by street from Munnar, Kochi, Kottayam and Madurai.