Kerala doesn’t fail to surprise. This favourite destination of all is making sure that it houses the best of treats for all. Be it man-made or natural. The recent inauguration of Jatayu Nature Park is yet again a testimony of that. Named after a mythical bird, this park promotes tourism, adventure and mythology. As the name itself proposes, it has the statue of Jatayu.

It is a public-private ownership and was developed by Malyalam film director, Rajiv Aanchal. It is based on a compelling rock named Jatayupara. It is 150 feet wide, 200 feet long and 70 feet. This is the thing that makes it the biggest utilitarian feathered creature structure on the planet. It has also secured a place for itself in Guinness Book of World Records.


Where is it Situated

Jatayu, the travel industry’s latest venture is situated at Jatayupara close Chadayamangalam town in Kollam, Kerala. The closest airport from here is Trivandrum, which is just 50 km far from Jatayu.

Features of Jatayu National Park

  • The recreation centre spreads more than 65 sections of land. The monster model of Jatayu merits visiting. The model is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide, 70 feet in stature and has a story region of 15,000 square feet.
  • The figure sits at the spot where Jatayu took his final gasp. It communicates an occurrence of Ramayana where this flying creature passed on. He even battled with the amazing Ravana so as to spare Sita.
  • The dumbfounding things are Beak characteristic of Jatayu and Footprint of Rama. This is the thing that makes it unadulterated and mitigating also. One can likewise appreciate the elevated view from 1,000 feet over the ocean level.
  • The recreation center isn't just profound yet additionally brave. It has an adventure zone and around 20 recreations. It is an incredible pack of commitment, dedication, and excite. It has recreations like paintball, laser tag, arrow based weaponry, rifle shooting, shake climbing, and bouldering and so on. It additionally has ayurvedic resorts.
  • It also has South India's first best in class cable car. This is something new to encounter.
Come explore and experience this heavenly man-made structure in Kerala today.