Visit Kerala in July to observe the most delightful sights and to feel the most entrancing climate while in the God’s Own Country.

Rainstorm in Kerala are not simply rain; we can encounter the brilliant blasting sun in the middle of the downpours offsetting the sodden, cool climate. These radiant intermissions rise above the storm to a wonderful sight of gleaming raindrops against the green palm leaves a somewhat uncommon sight at different parts of India. Kerala has two blustery seasons, Edavapathy and Thulavarsham.

Here are some of the places you should visit while in Kerala in July


‘Mists come gliding into my life, never again to convey rain or usher storm, yet to add shading to my dusk sky’- Tagore. These lovely words by Tagore clarifies the sustained inclination we get when we see the foreboding shadows shaping up in sky, nature is beguiling when it is going to rain. To encounter this in the most loved slope station of Kerala kissing the storm mists, unwinding distinctive shades of life is eminent.



There is no preferable place to appreciate rainstorm over at the lap of Mother Nature. Wayanad has a vast woods territory, including the untamed life haven which can be investigated in the rainstorm for a long trail in woods catching looks of best animals of nature. The ever sentimental Kabani stream is open for vessel rides, the Banasura Sagar Dam, Meenmutty falls and Neelimala grandstand the storm in a way which is difficult to stand up to.


Situated in the capital city of Trivandrum, Indian Ocean has favoured this place with since quite a while ago broadened shorelines isolated by rough slopes, the ideal place to watch the sea enjoyed Ayurvedic rubs. Kovalam is excessive on rainstorm; watch the thundering ocean on from the treat hued beacon, take long sunbathes and a dip in sea when the mists clear route for glimmering sun.

Kovalam offers probably the best Ayurvedic treatment in the state; it is the ideal mix for investing recreation energy and an opportunity to encounter the rich and old wellbeing customs of the compelling Ayurveda. Trivandrum otherwise known as Ananthapuri is only 15km from Kovalam for shopping or to make a trip to various goals. Make sure to pick the place to remain painstakingly by guaranteeing quality in advance.


Broadly known for the Papanasa slopes, this shoreline has a tranquil quiet excellence to it. Arranged in the edges of Trivandrum District, the storm make this place embellishing. The backwaters, shorelines and slopes grasp the storm and enhance radiantly. Try not to miss this place in the event that you are intending to visit Kerala in the month of July.

5Fort Kochi

‘Give the rain a chance to kiss you, Let the rain beat upon you head with silver fluid drops. Give the rain a chance to sing you a children’s song’- Langston Hughes. This well-known expression is remembered when visiting Kerala in July. Spending a night at a shoreline seat viewing the ocean makes this place a hankering for rainstorm. The Queen of Arabian Ocean is the ideal business goal for your shopping needs and it offers a variety of awe inspiring joints.


A lavish place for spending storm in Kerala; known for the acclaimed Bekal stronghold this place is stuffed with numerous different fortifications, shorelines and slopes. Take a voyage to this memorable goal with your friends and family, broadly known for the tune from Bombay motion picture. This is the outright goal to appreciate Monsoon in Kerala.


Appreciate the backwaters of Kerala taking care of business, by taking a ride in the wonderful houseboats. Enjoy the true food of Kerala, watching the downpours amidst lake and experience the most stunning pontoon ride in your life. The rice wine and neighbourhood nourishments of Alappuzha are outstanding for its true taste, it is an absolute necessity do while you visit this excellence.

8Athirapally Falls

The Athirapally cascades is known as the Niagara of Kerala, it has a star quality from all the well-known motion pictures made in this blissful magnificence. Arranged in the Chalakudy stream which is stretched out around 145 kilometres from Western Ghats in Thrissur locale at a stature of 80feet. Envision the thundering falls in the down pouring storm, this celestial excellence can’t be overlooked while you visit Kerala for rainstorm. Amid storm, Athirappally cascades can be taking care of business and is considered as a real part of the must visit rainstorm goals in Kerala. There are couple of other littler cascades close Athirapally, Vazhachal falls situated about 3kms from here and Charpa falls situated between the Vazhachal backwoods.

9Ashtamudi Lake

Ashtamudi is a door to the backwaters of Kerala, the name is derived from the significant 8 channels or parts of the waterway. Broadly known for the houseboat rides, southern excellence will charm you by the quiet and crisp feeling. Take the 8km ride from Kollam to Alappuzha in this lake in storm, you will go gaga for this compelling quiet charmer.


Thekkady arranged in Idukki area by the banks of the Periyar waterway in the Periyar timberland is an incredible place to get looks of the natural life of Kerala. The rich wildernesses of Periyar timberland has intriguing regular untamed life holds and the vessel ride along the Great Periyar will take your breath away in the foggy rainstorm season. No big surprise, why Thekkady is considered as one among the best goals in Kerala by numerous voyagers.

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