Kerala is a world far from the craze of somewhere else, as though India had gone through the Looking Glass and turn into an out and out more laid-back place.

Despite the fact that Kerala is an all year goal, the best season to visit Kerala relies upon which put in Kerala you’re visiting. While a few spots are most agreeable amid the rainstorm, others are best visited amid the winter season. In general, the best time to visit Kerala is amid September to March, when the climate is wonderful, making it simple for voyagers to investigate the horde features of the state – the slope stations, shorelines and backwaters.

The summer season in Kerala begins in the long stretch of March. While contrasted with numerous different parts of the nation, Kerala summer isn’t that sweltering and is endurable to a degree. In March the state additionally gets some precipitation and the mugginess is high. So ensure that you have not overlooked your sunscreen while gathering your pack for an excursion to Kerala in the month of March.

Here are must-visit places of Kerala in March

1The breath-taking hill stations of Northern Kerala

On the off chance that you incline toward not to wander out in the sun and experience the Kerala summer then you should make a beeline for the slopes. Kerala is honoured with numerous evergreen hill stations, on account of the Western Ghats which outskirt the state, and you could discover comfort in one of these spots. Indeed, even in March, the temperature will be cool and lovely. There are additionally various adventurous activities that you can indulge in here.

Among all these, Munnar is one among the most mainstream traveller puts in Kerala. This fascinating slope station is situated at a stature of 5,200 feet over the ocean level. It has numerous grand areas, you could go for a walk among the different tea estates, flavor gardens, trek to the great mountains, visit the Eravikulam national park, appreciate the superb cascades and so forth… Different spots of intrigue incorporate Mattupetty Dam, Eco-Point, Devikulam Lake, and Top Station. There likewise many murmuring streams and rivulets.


On the off chance that Munnar is excessively swarmed for you at that point, visit Vagamon that lies in the Idukki – Kottayam outskirt region. Vagamon can be known as the Scotland of Kerala. The atmosphere is cool notwithstanding for sweltering summer early afternoon. The place is lovely with numerous marvellous perspectives, for example, the pine woodlands, the knolls, backwoods and mountains that are shrouded in the fogs, Mooppanpara and so forth. Like Munnar, Vagamon likewise has numerous lavish tea and zest estates. Indeed, the Idukki region of Kerala has numerous well known hill stations and these spots are immaculate to spend your summers.

2Hill Stations of North-Eastern Kerala

Another area that is honoured with the slopes, greenery and the cool temperature is Wayanad. The region is situated on the north-eastern side of Kerala and has numerous mainstream slope stations that are honoured with rich greenery, slopes, valleys, cascades and many zest ranches. The locale’s area on the Western Ghats has given it an evergreen status. So even in the searing summer, the atmosphere is charming. Vythiri is the most acclaimed of all the slope stations.

The Kabani River, which is a tributary of River Cauvery moves through Wayanad and its numerous tributaries assist the locale with owning an unmistakable and rich water asset and ripe scene. Not simply the condition the air quality is additionally high in Wayanad.

Most renowned vacationer places incorporate Lakkidi, Pookot Lake, Chethalayam cascade, Meenmutty cascades, Neelimala, Banasura Sagar Dam (the biggest earth dam in the nation), Pakshipathalam, Banasura Peak, Edakkal caverns (from the Neolithic time frame) and so forth…

3Visit the wild destination of Thekkady

Thekkady, additionally in Idukki area, is likely outstanding amongst other places in the nation to watch natural life. The Periyar Tiger Reserve and National Park is the significant fascination of the place. The place is honoured with a wide assortment of greenery. You could take a journey on the waterway and could watch groups of elephants and the lofty tigers in their normal environment. Deers, pigs, buffaloes and lion-followed macaques are additionally a typical sight in this national reserve here.

4The Southern hill stations of Kerala

The southern piece of Kerala likewise has many slope stations and the most celebrated of all is Ponmudi, which is situated around 55 km from the Thiruvananthapuram city. It is an incredible place for trekking and touring. There are additionally numerous tea plants here. The lavish backwoods, fog loaded valleys and mountains, winding rivulets and the cool atmosphere are its significant attractions. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Echo Point and Deer Park, Meenmutty Falls (not to mistake for the one in Wayanad) are additionally significant vacation spots.

So come along and trail through the hills as summer begins in Kerala this March!