Thenmala, which lies at the combination of the Kollam-Shencottah and the Trivandrum-Shencottah Road, gloats of India’s initially arranged Ecotourism goal. It has 10 Ecotourism detects that cover the incredible slope scopes of Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Kollam regions. The encompassing thick backwoods is likewise known for the timber that it offers. Its territory is specked by timberlands, elastic and tree ranches and was chosen by the World Tourism Organization as one of the head eco-accommodating undertakings on the planet.


Where is Thenmala?

Thenmala is found 66 kms toward the east of Kollam and is a fortune trove of exercises. From watercraft rides to relaxed strolls to adventure sports like mountain biking, you are secured on all fronts here. The staff is very much prepared in giving the required help and data consistently. Visits to the Thenmala Dam are available to visitors and the view is magnificent from here. The winding pathways, promenade and figure plant are on the whole worth spending a night at. The profound woods of Thenmala contain uncommonly made tree cottages where one can escape into a different zone in the timberland. It is a dreamlike ordeal, vouched for by the entirety of our guests.

Visit Thenmala today!

Visits to Thenmala additionally incorporate chances to watch some exceptionally remarkable spots. The Nakshatravanam, a nursery of trees that are viewed as consecrated to the 27 heavenly bodies, has individuals thronging to it. A visit to the adjacent Deer Rehabilitation Centre is an absolute necessity as different types of deer are reproduced here. They are discharged into the woods when the populace achieves ideal dimensions. A watercraft ride in the superb Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary tops off a critical trek to Thenmala. The amazing views here are sure to stay scratched in your memory for eternity.