Why Cochin Should be your Next Travel Destination?


Be it the ancient traders or the modern visitors, Cochin or Kochi in Kerala has always been a centre of attraction! Enchanted by the alluring charm of the Arabian Sea and caressed by the fascinating beauty of the Western Ghats, this port-city in God’s Own Country holds a captive spell that can easily infect any of its visitors!

A top rated tourist destination in the country, this port city was once ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch, British, and now stands as a testimony to the golden era of Kerala. Fondly called the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and the ‘Gateway to Kerala’, a visit to this city is a must for every travel bug!

Well, if you are wondering why we recommend Cochin as a must visit destination, you must scroll down till the end and discover all the reasons why Cochin should be your next travel destination:

1 The Perfect Fusion of History and Modernity:

Once a centre of India’s spice trade, today Kochi boasts of its dazzling skyline! Though the port city has been ranked as one of the fastest growing metropolis in the country and an emerging global city worldwide, it still retains its roots to its past.

On a visit to Cochin, you can still feel the essence and importance of its history even though the entire city has been painted with the stroked of modernity! It is in this city, you can witness a deep contrast of past and present. While places like Fort Kochi depicts history is all forms, Kochi’s kaleidoscopic skyline showcases the allurement of the Queen of the Arabian Sea.

2 A Unique Beach Destination:

If you are a beach person, you need not to think twice about whether or not to visit Cochin! Adorned by the grace of the Arabian Sea, this port city is the home to the splendid Fort Kochi Beach that has a unique charm and appeal.

Unlike other beaches in the country, the stunning Fort Kochi Beach allows you to peep through the cultures and traditions of Kerala. All around the beach, you can witness the Chinese Fishing Nets that are used as a traditional way of fishing by the locals. In addition to all the fun-frolic of a beach, you can also revisit history while feasting on the colonial styled bungalows, remains of Fort Emmanuel and several other historical landmarks around Fort Kochi Beach.

3 A Backwater Paradise:

If you are in love with the soothing beauty of the Kerala backwaters, you must plan a trip to Cochin! The princess of the Malabar Coast, this historic city is the abode of the Veeranpuzha (local name for backwaters) that stretches from Kochi Azhi and continues to Munambam.

Unlike other, the Backwaters of Kochi are more tranquil and are less crowded. Visitors can enjoy total seclusion from all the humdrums, and enjoy its serene beauty without anyone breaching their personal moments!

4 Ideal Place to Rewind Time:

While the leisure seekers can indulge in an array of activities and things to do in Kochi, the history lovers can delve deep into the pages of the past and rewind time in Cochin! Owing to its coastal location, the city has served as a major point for trade and commerce in the past and eventually became a meeting point of various cultures and traditions!

Today, Cochin might have witnessed enormous changes, but its historical aspects are still alive! On your visit to this city, you can visit several landmarks of the past, explore their grandeurs and discover their rustic beauty that has kept them alive since ages. One such landmark, the Indo-Portuguese Museum in Fort Kochi serves as an ideal place to rewind time and rediscover the bits and crunches of history.

5 Abode of Eternal Peace & Brotherhood:

If you want to witness how different religious beliefs confluences with each other and create the most peaceful ambience to live in, you must visit Kochi! In addition to all the historical landmarks and importance, Cochin also boasts of its universal brotherhood and communal harmony.

Inhibited by people with different religious background, this port-city is the ideal example to showcase how to curtail our religious differences and live with utmost peace and harmony. Be it Hindus, Muslims, Christians or any other religious background, Kochi serves as a home to all; a home that is devoid of all treacheries and agonies of communal disharmonies!