Detailed Tour Guide To Alleppey

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The scenes that play in your mind at the mention of Kerala is undeniably that of the scenic backwaters with the houseboats in it, coconut groves and boat races – thanks to the many movies, songs or books that have featured the state. The small town of Alleppey, more popularly called Alappuzha, is all [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Trivandrum

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The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, popularly known by its colonial name Trivandrum, is a quiet, green, clean city with much to offer. Apart from several serene religious places, there are also beautiful beaches, hills, places of historical relevance, museums and a zoo. Basically, Trivandrum has something to offer no matter what your interests [...]

Detailed Tour Guide To Kovalam

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If breathtaking sunrises to start and serene sunsets to wrap the day with a leisurely time in between is what you are looking for, Kovalam, a quiet coastal town in Kerala’s capital city Trivandrum, is your perfect getaway. The crescent shaped beaches with coconut groves along them are sure to win your heart the [...]

Kerala’s Latest Tourist Attraction – Jatayu Nature Park

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Kerala doesn’t fail to surprise. This favourite destination of all is making sure that it houses the best of treats for all. Be it man-made or natural. The recent inauguration of Jatayu Nature Park is yet again a testimony of that. Named after a mythical bird, this park promotes tourism, adventure and mythology. As [...]

Best Time To Visit Thekkady

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Every season is beautiful in the wilderness of Thekkady The Country's sole Tiger reserve, Thekkady, with its plentiful fortunes of tropical vegetation is a definitive repository of numerous an imperiled species and a rich inborn culture. Thekkady is a wonderful paradise on earth for the individuals who love nature in its wild indications. [...]

Kannur Airport

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A brand new gateway to your favorite destinations Located close to 30 kilometers from the heart of Kannur city is the classy new Kannur International Airport, which has brought glory to Kerala, making it the only state in India to host four international airports – Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode being the other airports. [...]

Best Time To Visit Wayanad

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Through the coffee ranches and green pastures lies an immaculate hill station popularly known as Wayanad. Wayanad, the green heaven is settled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, framing the outskirt, universe of the greener piece of Kerala. Spotless and immaculate, captivating and mesmerizing, this land is loaded up with history and [...]

Best time To Visit Vagamon

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Amidst the hills is the magnificent Vagamon. Vagamon can be visited at any time of the year. Being arranged at such high height concedes this strange goal its charming climate, with the temperature continually lying between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. The months from June to September encounter the spell of rain. Consequently, [...]

Best Time To Visit Trivandrum

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Through the greens of the city, every season has a story to tell Trivandrum, come hear them all! Called the 'Evergreen city of India', Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the capital of the province of Kerala. The city includes delightful shorelines, extended lengths of palm bordered shorelines, blustery backwaters and monuments from [...]

Best Time To Visit Munnar

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The hills have a different story tell with each season. Come, hear them all in Munnar. Attributable to its lovely atmosphere, Munnar remains a perfect destination for all those that visit Kerala. Its tea estates, lovely waterfalls and adventure activities draws in tourists from across the globe. A simple walk amidst the lush [...]